The NHL now resides in Salt Lake City, as many know.

The team temporarily dubbed as the “Utah Hockey Club” needs little introduction to hardcore and amateur hockey fans.

Whether one grew up passionate for the game, or is just now getting into the game due to recent events, many in the beehive state are amped up for a new cheering interest.

Utahns have ample pride in regards to their favorite team, and we are sure to see that fanatic energy shift to the Yeti/Mammoth/Outlaws.

As a brand spanking new franchise, there is no worry or stress when it comes to being a new fan.

There is no option to be a bandwagon fan, as there is no bandwagon to jump on.

Year one for a fan is all about proving your allegiance from the get go.

There are wide open spots to be the Utah Hockey Club’s number one die hard fan.

No one will or can accuse you of going with the crowd if you throw the logo up on your computer background screen.

No one can say your not a true fan when your rocking a replica sweater and new hat purchased straight from the Delta Center.

If you want to be one of the original diehard’s no one can stop you, no one can compete with you, this is your team with a fresh history for you to grow with.

Now, that being said, a key moment for newly proclaimed “diehards” is attending as many games as possible, at least the ones with major significance.

No game at this point in time has greater significance than Utah’s regular season home opener against the Chicago Blackhawks on October 8th.


Not only is it the debut of the newest NHL team on their home ice, the game will be broadcast on ESPN for a triple header for opening night of the NHL in North America.

This is next to the defending champion, Florida Panthers, hoisting their banner before battling the Bruins as well as the Blues facing off with the Seattle Kraken.

It is sure to be a major ratings draw and an electric atmosphere through and through.

You can “technically” attend the first Utah Hockey Club game in the Delta Center on September 23rd, a preseason contest against the Los Angeles Kings.

That game will be a ton of fun, preseason or not, but many fans would agree that it wont hit the same as opening night against Chicago.

The preseason tilt will be forgotten, the regular season opening night will be immortalized.

For the newly minted diehards this game is a hot topic, and unfortunately for many the price reflects that.

As of right now, per Seat Geek, the official ticketing partner of the Hockey Club, the ticket cost to attend the opening night clash VS Chicago starts at $263 a ticket.

For the Delta Center, a stadium built for basketball, the idea of a hockey rink being totally visible has already been dismissed.

So when it comes to Section 135, row 16, fans may be a bit wary that even if they dish out 263 dollars to catch the action, their seat may only come with limited views of the ice.

It would be a shame if you paid that much to get a feel for the UHC only to miss a Clayton Keller slap shot or a Mikhail Sergachev body check because your seat is half obstructed.

Thankfully, Seat Geek does not specify that as a “limited view” area like they do for Section 15, row 21 in the corner, a seat that would make your wallet $560 bucks lighter.

Upper bowl is as low as that $263, and as high as a laughable $909 with anything in between.

If you want to move closer to the action, fear not, as one can sit 23 rows behind the penalty box for $1,010 bucks a pop.

The current most inexpensive tickets in the lower bowl are found in section 4, row 24 starting at $469.00.

$525 is the price to pay as of now for a spot directly behind the net in the case of section 1, row 23.

If you are curious of the highest cost to an already pricey event, someone has listed their row 7 ice side seats for $4,040 a ticket, something that Seat Geek deems as 0.2 rating for price point.

If the “great deal” prices seem baffling to you, I highly recommend not looking further south because it gets worse. A lot worse.

Keep in mind, the listed seats one would find while perusing the market are all verified resale tickets.

Individual tickets are not available until this upcoming Friday, the 12th at 10:00 Utah time.

As discouraging as it may be, there is a chance, albeit a small one, that when Friday comes, the price of entry calms down entirely.

You shouldn’t expect tickets to be inexpensive to a historic event such as this one, but a little less would go a long long way.

It may be a goal of yours to get there, but with these prices, no one’s going to say your less of a fan if your first game ends up being a couple weeks after opening night.

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