Southern Utah and Nevada have a real opportunity when it comes to desert landscaping. What outsiders might see a wasteland can open up to the educated eye like yours. Here are a few ideas that create stunning results.

Instead of canvassing your garden with plants take inspiration from nature, have you noticed how plants clump together especially in lower terrain where water might sometimes flow. It feels like legend during the dry summer months, but there is such a thing as rain. Design your garden to have the same feel bridging areas with lines up plants.

Ever since I watched a visionary gardener weeding a plant bed without bending over I have been a huge fan of raised planter beds. The height seems only to be limited to the strength of the box that raises the bed. We have an extreme raised planter bed where there are trees planted. It is so pleasing to approach the trees and be at their root level as they tower over you. It is majestic.

Add seating. It seems like a bad idea right not where any horizontal surface feels like a cooking surface, but remember those cooler months or even that thing called shade. Seating is a nice way to use some of that garden space water free.

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Look for pleasing patterns. This one hits over and over and over for me. Wow, like a pattern. Our minds love to see patterns especially when the pattern is made up of wild things that don't usually make a pattern. Think of a bush in front of each evenly spaced window, of evenly spaced gaps in a wall. Nothing jumps out as sophisticated garden design like geometric patterns mixed with vegetation.

I hope that helps as you try to dance with the desert and your garden needs. When we embrace it, the desert certainly has a beauty of it's own.

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