Television Shows Are Fascinated with Utah 

You’ve heard of Skinwalker Ranch near Vernal in the area of the Uintah Mountains. It isn't the only television show to explore there. Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy, spent a weekend recording supernatural activities in the area. Now there is Blind Frog Ranch. 

This ranch with the funny name in the same vicinity and is a new series on the Discovery Channel. “Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch” is a show that follows the owners of the 160-acre property that has large underground caverns with what they hope hides an Aztec treasure. 

History of Hidden Gold 

There are many stories of Spanish gold mines in eastern Utah. The Rhoades mine comes from the 1800’s when Brigham Young sent a man named Thomas Rhoades to retrieve gold shown to him by Chief Walker of the Ute tribe. The mine has never been located. 

The Utes tell of other gold mines all through these mountains. They also say the mines have supernatural protection. The story of the Blind Frog Ranch relates the same kind of mishaps that make a good television series but can be frustrating if you really want to find treasure. 

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Over and over they get tantalizingly close to finding something and then everything falls apart when they get close. There are equipment failures, gas leaks and floods of water. The series is in its second season, and it is intriguing.

They have found a wooden box, markings in an underground cave, even small metal ingots with low quality gold. If you like a good treasure hunt, apparently, Utah is the place to host it.  

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