When Off-Road Means the Wheels Leave the Dirt

Every weekend swarms of side-by-side off-road vehicles head towards the Arizona Strip to explore the rugged desert. A new UTV designed by a company named Skyrunner may have the next big thing. 

It’s an off-road vehicle that can take the back roads and then drop a parachute and head off into the sky. It has a surprisingly powerful electric motor that can handle the dunes and a giant propeller on the back that can lift it into the sky.. 

Why Would This Be Great in Southern Utah? 

There are awesome places to explore on the Arizona Strip. The only problem is that it is so big it takes hours to get there. Now what if you could cut that travel time down by flying to it? Suddenly you are riding terrain that you aren’t going to pop a tire on your truck getting there. 

It is a combination of a UTV and a paraglider and it was made for Southern Utah. Picture yourself riding along the red rocks and you come to a canyon. Find a flat road where you can drop the parachute and you are flying over it to the other side. 

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The company is still in testing process but you can reserve a Skyrunner now. If these machines don’t take over the off-road world it will be because of the price. On their site they list the MK 3.2 model at a modest $380,000.00. Ouch, I would have to sell my house. 

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