Here in Southern Utah we tend to be pretty sensitive about changing the names of things.

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Before you start freaking out, there's nothing wrong with the name St. George.

So before I go on any further, let me explain that I am not telling anyone that we should RE-NAME St. George, or that there's a problem with the name St. George.  It's a lovely name.  CHILL.


Let's say that you're not exactly the biggest fan of LDS Apostle and pioneer George A. Smith, whom St. George was named after by Brigham Young. Maybe you just have a problem with his face, or his family dynamics, or some crazy stuff he said in the past.

George A. Smith, who St. George Utah was named after )Getty/Canva)
George A. Smith, who St. George Utah was named after )Getty/Canva)

You could demand the rest of the world to change the name, but that's a lot of hard work and literally NO-ONE will like you.

A wise person once told me that it is "easier to put on slippers than to try to carpet the world".

In other words, instead of trying to make everything around you bend to your will, all you have to do is just look at the world a little bit different! It saves a lot of time, effort, and you don't have to get a bunch of people to sign a petition.

So if you have a problem with the name "St. George", all you have to do is think of the town as being named after someone else. There are plenty of other people named George that deserve to have a city named after them, so before you start a riot, just think of these guys named George instead.


Not a big George A. Smith fan? Don't worry about it. Just imagine St. George is named after one of these other famous Georges.
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