Wedding season is here and that means proposals, actual weddings and just dreaming about the event in general.  

St. George has a few spectacular locations to choose from for anyone looking for red rock backgrounds but there are other places that offer a more unique venue. Whether you have a country or modern-style wedding, St. George will probably have a place for you.  

Cost is another matter to consider when picking a place but let’s just focus on the sights for now. 

The Ledges 

This place is extra cool because it’s got a spacious green background (the golf course) which makes for GREAT photos. I knew someone who got married here and honestly, the wedding was pretty much unmatched just based off of photos.  

The location has a 4.0 on Google Reviews. The Ledges also provide food options of entrees or buffets that you can customize and serve to guests. They also can do the decorating but that will probably cost a little extra.  

This place is PERFECT for any golf couple or someone who wants to have somewhat of a hands-off wedding.  

Hela Seegmiller Historical Farm 

The Seegmiller Farm is a great place for an autumn or early summer wedding. With the old-timey vibes of the place, a country-themed wedding would be excellent. The location is great for family photos with the barn as the background.  

Inside there is a bit of space but can’t accommodate a ton of people. So, if a large wedding is the plan this may not be the place for you. There is also a dance space inside the barn for all those important moments.  

The Dance Hall 

Speaking of dancing, another St. George wedding venue is literally called the Dance Hall Venue. It’s a cozy little place that offers woodsy and modern vibes. There are spacious wooden floors that will make it great for a family dance.  

This also gives cabin vibes so it would be great for a winter wedding.  

Which place would you choose? 

Items That Almost All Weddings Should Have

Wedding season is approaching, although some of the weddings that are happening, probably just got put together at the last minute, due to the now loosened restrictions. DJs, photographers, venus, and pretty much all wedding vendors have been extremely excited to hear the news. Now, let's be honest, I think there are going to be some people still a little nervous about taking off their masks, and I'm sure there are going to be some venus that is still gonna require it until New York State decides to follow the CDC guidelines. Before your big day arrives, there are some things you should make sure these items are on point.

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