It's hot in Utah and as is an issue every summer, the urge to turn up the air conditioner is rampant.  

I was not built for the heat and honestly would rather fork over the extra money for some peace, but it can be expensive. Having an AC unit running all day can be a strain on your finances but getting heat stroke is also not ideal.  

So, here are some ways to keep the cost down in Utah’s HOT summer and not break the bank.  


Add more shade to your home. This can be from bigger leafy plants positioned around the house, or just furniture that helps block out the sun. Bankrate said that most in-home heat comes from the sun hitting the floor through windows. Blocking that direct sunlight will help cool your home.  


Since windows help heat up a house, covering them is a good idea. Whether it is mesh-screens, black out curtains (my personal favorite) or solar screens, this will help cool down your house.  


With the temperatures reaching the hundreds in Utah this week, it can be hard to manage the thermostat throughout the day. Most people don’t work from home so the house can either become extremely warm or stay running the AC and costing you money. Investing in a smart thermostat may be the way to go.  


Make use of your ceiling fans. This allows you to keep your thermostat at a higher temp without sacrificing comfort. If you are like me then you will probably have a few fans going because any airflow is helpful.  


It may be hard but try not to use a stove or an oven since it increases heat in the home. If you do want to use them, try doing so after dark.  

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