June is officially here in Southern Utah, which means we will see temperatures up in the 100s starting this week.  

If you are like me, this is terrible news because summer makes me melt and wish for nothing but rain and snow. If you are somehow a fan of the heat, then this is excellent news.  

Starting tomorrow, June 4, the temperature high for St. George is expected to be 100 so there is a possibility it could stay in the 90s. However, going into the rest of the week, Wednesday could be up to 106 F and Thursday 109 F. It could be slightly less hot on Sunday into Monday of next week but who knows.  

The Salt Lake City National Weather Service is seeing parts of Southern Utah in an “excessive heatwave”. This will be doubly true from Thursday through Friday of this week.  

You will need to plan accordingly to avoid getting dehydrated or sunburned since it is going to be HOT.  

Try to plan your outside activities to when temperatures are a bit cooler, and the sun won’t be bearing down and an awful rate. This means EARLY mornings or later in the evenings since temperatures will stay high until 8 or 9 p.m. 

Though we technically have a few weeks until summer officially starts, the high temperatures are bringing it “early”. Remember to wear light clothing, drink lots of water and take a lot of breaks if you are working outside. No need to make yourself sick.  


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