A Utah flag company sent flags to Normandy, France for D-Day celebrations this year.  

The Utah flag company, Colonial Flag, will be part of the celebration of soldiers who fought and sacrificed during D-Day in World War II 80 years ago, ABC 4 said.  

A lot of work went into making these flags and the Utah spirit of patriotism shines through.  

“It takes a lot of time to put 50 stars on one side, flip it over and put 50 stars on the other side,” said Paul Swenson, the owner of Colonial Flag in Sandy. Swenson told ABC 4 that the flag maintains its integrity even through natural disasters.  

The storming of Normandy beach on D-Day in 1944 consisted of thousands of Allied soldiers. 4,400 of those Allied forces lost their lives and 2,500 of them were Americans.  

“As they die off, I think they would like to know that what they sacrificed, what their friends who didn’t make it back sacrificed, had meaning,” Swenson said. 

World leaders like U.S. President Joe Biden will be attending the celebration to honor these veterans and their sacrifices this week in France. There will be parachute jumpers out of C-47 transport planes.  

One of the jumpers used the Colonia Flag sent from Utah for his jump.  

June 6, this Thursday will mark the official date of D-Day. Some of the surviving veterans from WWII are in their late 90s meaning that soon they will no longer be with us. Take time this year to remember the sacrifices made by those brave countrymen.  

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