Aaron Michael Griffin was a hero for a day. And then he was gone.

Griffin witnessed a rollover Friday and he and another bystander sprang into action.

When a woman rolled her car and was ejected during the accident, Griffin and another witness hurried over to investigate. As it turns out, the car was on fire and the ejected driver, who was unconscious, was pinned beneath the vehicle.

Other onlookers were ushered away from the burning wreck by Griffin and the other witness, who then lifted the burning wreckage partially off of the victim and pulled her away from the conflagration.

The woman is expected to survive, but Griffin died a day later in a confrontation with police.

Griffin reportedly had relapse into drug abuse and when confronted by police, he pulled a gun. When police still didn't shoot, Griffin fired and hit a K-9 officer.

Police then responded with deadly force and shot Griffin dead.

The police dog shot by the 23-year-old Griffin underwent surgery and is expected to survive.


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