Utah’s suicide rate decreasing
For the first time in several years, Utah's suicide rate saw a slight decrease. According to a report from the Department of Human Services, the rate dropped from 22-point-seven per 100-thousand people in 2017, to 22-point-two last year. In the report, health officials say it is too early to tell whether this indicates a positive trend, stating that this is the time to "double down" on s
School District discouraging students from watching Netflix series
The Salt Lake City School District is strongly discouraging students from watching the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why." The district sent a letter home to parents noting that the new season of the series debuted last week. Organizations such as the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide have voiced concerns about the show's content, which deals with the aftermath of a young person's
Family of suicide victim suing Utah State University
Family of suicide victim suing Utah State University
Family of suicide victim suing Utah State University
The family of a Utah State University student who allegedly killed herself because she was being bullied is suing the school. Twenty-four-year-old Jerusha Sanjeevi from Malaysia was a P-H-D candidate who died in 2017. The lawsuit claims Sanjeevi was jeered at by other students for having darker skin, smelling like Indian food and having a weird name...
Woman dead as a result of ex-boyfriends suicide
A woman has died after being hit by a stray bullet fired by her ex-boyfriend as he killed himself. It happened Friday night in Payson Canyon at the Maple Bench Campground. The Utah County Sheriff's office said 24-year-old Nakylee Marvin and her five-year-old were camping with her ex-boyfriend, Ethan Timoko...
Suicide Rate Remains High in Utah
Utah had the fifth-highest overall suicide rate at 25.2 per 100,000, and since 1999, the state saw a 46.5 percent increase in residents taking their own lives. It is a crisis that has led Gov. Gary Herbert to create a youth suicide task force and state lawmakers to fund a new staffer to study why Utahns have died by suicide...

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