Getting sick and needing to go to a hospital can be a scary thing and wondering if you’ll even get proper care is a factor we all think about.  

Utah has 27 graded hospitals by Leapfrog which uses a variety of criteria to give them a ranking. It looks at infection rates, problems during surgery, safety issues, procedures to prevent mistakes, and the people who work there. Each of these categories all have subsections and are graded on an average.  

Utah ranks number one.  

That’s right, Utah has the best score in the U.S. for hospitals in all categories. So, try not to worry too much when you do need to go get medical help.  

There are 14 A-ranked hospitals, six B-ranked hospitals, and seven C-ranked hospitals. These hospitals are all across the state and even include the University of Utah Hospital in the C-ranked facilities. There were no Ds or Fs in Utah. 

Utah jumped from third place during the Spring rankings and beat out New Jersey which tanked...a lot. The Beehive state didn’t have to jump far as 48 percent of its hospitals were A-ranked in the Spring and now we sit at a solid 51 percent. So, over half the hospitals in Utah have an A-grade.  

Virginia and North Carolina also made a decent jump from this Spring with Virginia coming in second place and North Carolina coming in third place.  

Southern Utah’s two hospitals, Intermountain Health Cedar City and Intermountain St. George both received A-ranks and are fairly high on the list.  

Hopefully, we can keep that number one spot.   


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