October 5

Question: I'd do anything for love ... but I won't do that. Nearly two-thirds of people in a national poll said they wouldn't do this, even if their spouse or significant other asked them to ... what is it?

Answer: Become a vegetarian (winner: Ryan)

October 4

Question: Dude, that's embarrassing. Nearly 30 percent of men in a Yahoo! survey said they have embarrassed themselves by doing this -- what is it?

Answer: Showed up to work with toilet paper stuck to their face due to a shaving nick (Robby winner).

October 3

Question: Only about 35 percent of us have one of these in our kitchen -- what is it?

Answer: A pair of chopsticks (no winner).

September 30

Question: More than 15 percent of us haven't washed this item in more than six months -- what is it?

Answer: Our bathrobe (Kraig winner).

September 29

Question: Nearly 96 percent of all households in America have one of these -- what is it?

Answer: A bottle of ketchup. (Teri winner)

September 28

Question: This is the most profitable food item sold in America -- what is it?

Answer: Dog food. (No winner)

September 27

Question: Nearly 35 percent of American women will do this at least once during their lifetimes -- what is it?

Answer: Bleach their hair blonde (No winner)

September 26

Question: Nearly 20 percent of guys admit they do this at least once a year without telling their wives -- what is it?

Answer: Gamble. (Winner: Jackie)

September 23

Question: If you're an average American, this event happens in your life at about the age of 47 -- what is it?

Answer: You become a grandparent. (Winner: Gary)

September 22

Question: Money issues stress women out the most. Experts say this is second most common stressor for women -- what is it?

Answer: Public speaking/appearances. (No winner)

September 21

Question: This gift was selected as the "most irritating" gift in a national survey of women -- what is it?

Answer: A book about dieting (Jeannette winner)

September 20

Question: Thirty-seven percent of people surveyed said they will not return to a restaurant because of this one fact -- what is it?

Answer: There was no soap in the bathroom. (Kelly winner)

September 19

Question: More than 90 percent of women surveyed say guys should absolutely NOT wear this clothing item -- what is it?

Answer: A pair of leather pants. (no winner today :-()

September 16

Question: Every year we buy millions of these items, and nearly two-thirds of them go unused -- what are they?

Answer: Swimsuits (winner MarJean)

September 15

Question: When a survey asked, "What major scientific breakthroughs do you expect to see in your lifetime?" nearly 50 percent of people said this -- what was it?

Answer: A colony of humans on the moon or Mars. (winner Mike)

September 14

Question: This event is most likely to happen on Friday evenings between 5 and 6 p.m. -- what is it?

Answer: A road rage incident. (winner Jason)

September 13

Question: More than 1/3 of us have done this to impress other people while hosting a party  -- what is it?

Answer: Tried to pass off takeout food as our own. (winner Lamont)

September 12

Question: Studies have shown that the more education you have in your life, the larger this is -- what is it?

Answer: Your signature. (no winner)

September 9

Question: Most of us got in trouble when we were young. A survey of adults found that about 40 percent of us said the worst trouble they ever got in as a kid involved ... this -- what is it?

Answer: A BB gun. (no winner)

September 8

Question: Even though it puts them at risk, it's estimated that more than half of all Americans still do this when it comes to their food -- what is it?

Answer: They fail to wash their produce (fruits and vegetables) before eating it (ew, pesticides!). (winner Steve)

September 7

Question: Americans reportedly take more photos at these events than any other-- what are they?

Answer: Professional car races. (no winner)

September 6

Question: A recent survey said American adults eat this one item just once a year (although kids eat it more often) -- what is it?

Answer: A grilled cheese sandwich. (winner Ruth)

September 2

Question: Germaphobia! Daycare workers have the germiest jobs by far, but this job comes in at second place according to experts -- what is it?

Answer: A bank teller.(winner Karl)

September 1

Question: We all hate household "chores," but one chore stands out as the most hated of them all -- what is it?

Answer: Cleaning the oven. (winner Kraig)

August 31

Question: Nearly two-thirds of Americans still have one of these in their houses, but most of them don't work anymore -- what are they?

Answer: Answering machines. (winner Milt)

August 30

Question: A new study says that alarmingly only about 10 percent of American adults do this on a regular basis -- what is it?

Answer: Get enough sleep.

August 29

Question: A survey asked Americas to name the most stressful things in their lives. The mortgage payment was No. 1, but what was No. 2?

Answer: Dealing with your in-laws.

August 26

Question: Look out! According to a survey of emergency room doctors, the top three inanimate objects involved in accidents in and around the home are: 1. Bicycles; 2. Stairs; and 3. ???

Answer: Footballs.

August 25

Question: Every year more than 40,000 people go to the emergency room because they were bitten by one of these.

Answer: Another human.

August 24

Question: A national woman's magazine asked its readers what food reminded them of their husbands. The most popular item was ... what?

Answer: A potato.

August 23

Question: A national men's magazine did a large poll in which most men said they have at least five of these. What are they?

Answer: Funny jokes memorized.

August 22

Question: The greatest invention in recent history? Guys say it's the cell phone. Women disagree. They say it is this.

Answer: The hair straightener.

August 19

Question: Guys think about this an average of 41 minutes a day this time of year. What do they think about?

Answer: Fantasy football.

August 18

Question: About 60 percent of cars in America have at least one of these.

Answer: A window or bumper sticker.

August 17

Question: Happy wife, happy life? More than one-third of men say they never do this without asking their wives first. What is it?

Answer: Change the thermostat at home.

August 16

Question: If you're average, you do this four times a day.

Answer: Start your car.

August 15

Question: About 25 percent of women say they dream regularly about this.

Answer: Buying new shoes..

August 12

Question: What do you want in your dream home? According to a national poll, Americans say this is the No. 1 thing they want in to include if/when they build their dream home.

Answer: A bathroom in/near every bedroom..

August 11

Question: Most of us do this, but did you know that we are twice as likely to do this in the afternoon as we are in the morning? What is it?

Answer: Complain.

August 10

Question: If you're a man and you have one of these, studies have shown that your are statistically more intelligent than other men. What is it? (hint: I [Andy] have one of these.

Answer: A hairy chest.

August 9

Question: A majority of brides-to-be say this is an absolute must when selecting a wedding/reception venue.

Answer: Decent Wi-Fi.

August 8

Question: A poll of thousands of parents by a national magazine finds that this is the most annoying thing kids say.

Answer: "Mine!" or "It's mine!"

August 2

Question: More of these are sold in March than any other month. What are they? (hint: you buy them in the pharmacy section of the store)

Answer: Pregnancy tests (makes sense, being a few weeks after Valentine's Day).

August 1

Question: Nearly 30 percent of guys admit they do this unusual activity every day. What is it?

Answer: Talk to their cars.

July 25-29 Vacation! Love y'all!

July 22

Question: Men tend to make better life decisions when this is one of their attributes. What is it?

Answer: They have daughters.

July 21

Question: Tough tasks! According to a national survey, quitting smoking is the toughest task out there. This activity was ranked No. 2 on that list.

Answer: Saving/planning for retirement.

July 20

Question: The average American spends 55 minutes a day doing this one activity ... what is it?

Answer: Looking for things we can't find (keys, sunglasses, cell phone, etc.).

July 19

Question: Pregnant moms who have this one attribute are more than twice as likely to have a child who is left-handed. What's the attribute?

Answer: They are older than 40-years of age.

July 18

Question: About two-thirds of Americans own at least one of these (hint: it's a name brand)?

Answer: An Apple product.

July 15

Question: Americans spend $1 billion a year on this/these. (hint, it's some thing you wear)

Answer: Slippers

July 14

Question: More than 50 percent of men have thought about doing this illegal activity, but never actually did it. (hint: it's while you're in your car)

Answer: Speeding away from police, or ditching the cops.

July 13

Question: What profession/career averages the most number of cosmetic/plastic surgeries? (hint: it's a profession that requires a post-graduate degree)

Answer: Lawyers

July 12

Question: This activity, usually done in the home, typically burns about 250 calories an hour. What is it? (hint: it's a type of housework)

Answer: Mopping the floor.

July 11

Question: About 1,700 Americans go to the emergency room every year with an injury to their eye sustained during this activity.

Answer: Brushing their teeth. Congrats to Matt G., today's winner.

June 30

Question: A little more than half of men under the age of 30 don't own a single one of these.

Answer: A necktie.

June 29

Question: About 1 in 7 couples between the ages of 20 and 29 say they have broken up for this one simple reason.

Answer: They didn't like the other person's pet.

June 28

Question: We Americans can be pretty impatient. In fact, 1 in 4 Americans admit they have done "this" impatient thing.

Answer: Flipped to the end of the book and read the ending without having read the rest of the book.

June 27

Question: About 1 in 9 women have never cooked this for dinner.

Answer: A roast.

June 24

Question: Nearly one-third of Americans haven't done this in more than a year.

Answer: Read a book.

June 23

Question: Research shows the average American woman has owns more than 100 of these during the course of their lifetime. A hundred of what?

Answer: Pairs of blue jeans

June 22

Question: About 70,000 of these are stolen every year in the United States (hint, these are seasonal items).

Answer: Santa Claus yard decorations.

June 21

Question: About one-third of married Americans say their spouse has this annoying habit (hint: they do it at night). What is it?

Answer: They hog the blankets at night.

June 20

Question: A few decades ago, more than 90 percent of stay-at-home moms had one of these. Now, fewer than 30 percent do. What is it?

Answer: An apron.

June 17

Question: About 15 percent of people polled by a national magazine said when they were kids they believed this about their dads.

Answer: That they could beat up Superman.

June 16

Question: About 3/4ths of this product is consumed every morning worldwide by 9 a.m. What is it?

Answer: Raisins.

June 15

Question: Almost 20 percent of new drivers say this is the most stressful thing about operating a motor vehicle.

Answer: Squeezing through a drive-through.

June 14

Question: About 18 of these are sold per second around the world -- what are they?

Answer: Big Macs.

June 13

Question: More than 90 percent of US households have this in their homes right now -- what is it?

Answer: Ice cream.

June 10

Question: Men and women both do it, but men are three times more likely to do it than women -- what is it?

Answer: Drive a car on "E" for empty.

June 9

Question: A national survey found that more than 60 percent of kids under the age of 18 have never done this -- what is it?

Answer: Roasted marshmallows over a campfire.

June 8

Question: One in six people admit they stash their money in this unusual place -- where is it?

Answer: Their cowboy boots.

June 7

Question: Every average American has one of these and hasn't used it for more than a year. What is it?

Answer: An old key on our keychain.

June 6

Question: When we're young, physical looks are the No. 1 things that attract us to a potential partner. But over the age of 50, this one thing makes a potential partner particularly attractive. What is it?

Answer: Kindness.

June 3

Question: Nearly half of Americans believe you need to spend at least $1,000 to get a decent one of these. What is it?

Answer: A mattress.

June 2

Question: Six cities west of the Mississippi have one of these within their city limits. What is it?

Answer: A volcano

June 1

Question: About 25 percent of women say they would absolutely change this if they could. What is it?

Answer: Their mother's hairstyle.

May 31

Question: This happens most often on Mondays. What is it?

Answer: Relationships end (someone dumps someone else).

May 27

Question: If you're an average person, you do this 20 times a day. What is it?

Answer: Complain.

May 26

Question: Even smart people do dumb -- or airheaded -- things now and then. A recent survey says more than 15 percent of people have done this absent-minded thing at least once.

Answer: Tried to or gotten into the wrong car in a parking lot.

May 25

Question: About 2/3 of adults admit they use this item even though it was intended for kids.

Answer: A piggy bank.

May 24

Question: The average age of this daily use item in our lives is 12 years. What is it?

Answer: Our car.

May 23

Question: Tofu is the most hated food in America. What comes in second?

Answer: Liver.

May 20

Question: We've all done it -- lost our cell phone. Every year nearly 11,000 people lose their phone here.

Answer: The grocery store.

May 19

Question: This happens 17 times a year to the average person -- what is it?

Answer: We get bit by a bug (usually a fly or mosquito).

May 18

Question: Fifteen percent of men and women admit they have committed this frowned upon act in public.

Answer: Cut in line.

May 17

Question: The No. 1 thing we do out of habit is sleep on the same side of the bed. What's No. 2?

Answer: Sit in the same spot on the couch.

May 16

Question: The average American woman does this twice a year -- what is it?

Answer: Colors her hair.

May 13

Question: We Americans by 720,000,000 of these every year (about 3 per person). What are they?

Answer: Slices of pie.


Question: Out of 5,000 Americans surveyed, nearly 20 percent of us said we're "very good" at this.

Answer: Swimming.

May 11

Question: A new study tells us that the average person does this 16 times a day.

Answer: Uses swear words.

May 10

Question: A national pet magazine said readers chose this as the most likely question their pet would ask first if they could speak.

Answer: Can I have something to eat?

May 9

Question: Bartenders nationwide said that, besides drink orders, this is the most common question they receive on a daily basis.

Answer: "Do you want to get lucky?"

May 6

Question: More than 50 percent of people say they almost got in an accident because of this one specific distraction. What is it?

Answer: Provocative billboards.

May 5

Question: There are about 10,000 millionaires who made their fortune doing this unusual activity.

Answer: Playing video games.

May 4

Question: Studies have found that the average American child eats an average of 62 pounds of this every year. What is it?

Answer: Pasta

May 3

Question: Nearly 80 percent of guys own at least one of these.

Answer: A pet (usually a dog).

May 2

Question: More than half of teenagers have never purchased this. What is it?

Answer: A postage stamp

April 29

Question: It takes a little less than four minutes on average for this activity.

Answer: Wait in line at the drive through.

April 28

Question: You can tell how wealthy a person is by what kind of music they listen to. What's the favored music for wealthy people?

Answer: Jazz.

April 27

Question: Nearly half of us have worn this item at least one time during our lifetime.

Answer: Mickey Mouse ears.

April 26

Question: Almost one-fourth of women say this is still a great place to meet men.

Answer: The mall

April 25

Question: About 15 percent of people have skipped work for this particular reason.

Answer: Stubbed their toe.

April 22

Question: Women's No.1 pet peeve when their husband/partner is driving is ...

Answer: He plays the radio too loud.

April 21

Question: Almost half of women say this one thing is the most important to pack when going on vacation. What is it?

Answer: Comfortable pajamas.

April 20

Question: We are way more likely to do this after the age of 50 than before.

Answer: Sleep in the nude.

April 19

Question: Two out of three Americans say they can no longer tolerate this.

Answer: Large crowds

April 18

Question: Dealbreaker! Nearly half of us say we won't buy a car if it doesn't have at least one of these.

Answer: Cup holders.

April 14

Question: In a job interview, this one fact about you helps males and hinders females in getting the job.

Answer: Whether or not you are wearing a wedding ring.

April 13

Question: Nearly one-third of women say this is the most important thing they do all day.

Answer: Put on makeup.

April 12

Question: This phrase or cliche is the No. 1 most hated one we tell to our kids (according to them).

Answer: Money doesn't grow on trees.

April 11

Question: More than 2,300 people go to the emergency room every year in the United States for this odd reason.

Answer: They burned themselves on pizza.

April 8

Question: Women take an average of 45 percent longer to do this than men do ... what is it?

Answer: Order off of a menu in a restaurant.

April 7

Question: Nearly 40 percent of us has at least one of these in our vehicle right now.

Answer: A straw

April 6

Question: More than 70 percent of guys say they won't let their wives or significant others anywhere near their ... what?

Answer: BBQ grills

April 5

Question: More than 45 percent of people say this one activity will instantly put them in a good mood.

Answer: A long, hot shower.

April 4

Question: About 60 percent of guys have had this happen to them at least once in their lifetime.

Answer: They've been sucker-punched.

April 1

Question: Oreo is the No. 1 selling cookie in the world. What cookie-maker is No. 2?

Answer: Mexican baking company Gamesa is second in sales (but by a long ways -- Oreo 3.28 billion sold, Gamesa 1.03).

March 31

Question: After women turn 40-years-old, they are more likely to do this.

Answer: Drive faster than the speed limit.

March 30

Question: Married men are tice as likely to do this as single men.

Answer: Change their underwear daily.

March 29

Question: Nearly one-third of the people who chose this career say they now regret it.

Answer: Journalism.

March 28

Question: This is the longest common word that can be typed using just the left hand on a standard typewriter (based on traditional typing techniques).

Answer: Stewardesses.

March 25

Question: Fifteen percent of women say they've broken up with a guy because of this.

Answer: He's losing his hair (going bald).

March 24

Question: This one habit could extend your life as long as two more years.

Answer: Eating one serving of nuts per day.

March 23

Question: When meeting someone new, the first two things people judge are their teeth and this.

Answer: Their grammar.

March 22

Question: Nearly 60 percent of employers are less likely to promote someone who does this.

Answer: Uses profanity in the workplace.

March 21

Question: A home next to one of these will take longer to sell, but will ultimately sell for about 10 percent more than other similar homes located elsewhere.

Answer: A cemetery.

March 18

Question: More than 70 percent of women polled say they think guys look ridiculous when they do/wear this.

Answer: Wear a bow tie (unless it's with a tuxedo!).

March 17

Question: Two Q's today: 1. How many signers of the Declaration of Independence were of Irish descent? How many US Presidents?

Answer: Nine, and 19

March 16

Question: Experts say if you want to keep mosquitoes away, stop doing this.

Answer: Drinking beer (puts mosquito-attracting ethanol in our sweat).

March 9

Question: Nearly 50 percent of American adults say they often lie about this.

Answer: How much chocolate/candy they eat.

March 8

Question: What's the one thing 50 percent of brides dread the most when it comes to their wedding day?

Answer: The best man's speech.

March 7

Question: About 30 percent of guys have never done this in their own home.

Answer: Cleaned the toilet.

March 4

Question: About 20 percent of American cars have one of these in it at all times.

Answer: A toothbrush/toothpaste.

March 3

Question: Just over 50 percent of all households in the USA have at least one of these.

Answer: A cat or dog (pet).

March 2

Question: Nearly 60 percent of women dislike it when men wear this.

Answer: A pair of Crocs

March 1

Question: The United States has nearly three times the number of people as Japan, but we have less than half of these. What are they?

Answer: 7/11 stores (Slurpees!)

February 28

Question: The average guy spends more than $100 a year on this.

Answer: Dry cleaning

February 25

Question: A major national magazine asked Americans if they could change one thing about themselves, what would it be?

Answer: More than 50 percent of respondents said they'd watch less television.

February 24

Question: This surprising topic is one of the top 10 things married couples argue about.

Answer: Who has to take the dog for a walk.

February 23

Question: Women think about this about six times more often than men do.

Answer: Their hair

February 22

Question: On average, the American male begins this at the age of 29, what is it?

Answer: Golfing.

February 18

Question: Nearly 30 percent of single men said they would not date a woman if she had one of these ... what is it?

Answer: A twin.

February 17

Question: Among houses that had a hard time selling in the real estate market, 40 percent listed this as one of the primary reasons why.

Answer: The property had the number 13 in its address.

February 16

Question: Almost one-third of us have lied to get out of going here.

Answer: To a wedding.

February 15

Question: For the average person, it takes eight seconds to do ... what?

Answer: Answer their phone.

February 14

Question: About 82 percent of Americans under the age of 18 have never used one of these.

Answer: A postage stamp

February 11

Question: Almost two-thirds of women between the age of 22 and 35 have admitted to doing this. What is it?

Answer: Taken a naked selfie on their phone/tablet.

February 10

Question: Almost one-third of us use at least two of these every day.

Answer: Alarms or alarm clocks.

February 9

Question: The average teenage girls in America does this 150 times a year ... what?

Answer: Slams a door.

February 8

Question: About six out of 10 women say they would gladly spend $100 or more on this one item. What is it?

Answer: A quality swimsuit.

February 7

Question: In the early 1980s, there were less than 100 of these retail businesses in the USA. Now there are more than 8,000. What are they?

Answer: Breweries

February 4

Question: The average person does this 20 times a day.

Answer: Complains

February 3

Question: About one-third of people surveyed say this one thing is the only thing they like about their jobs. What is it?

Answer: The workplace gossip.

February 2

Question: The average woman spends six minutes a day doing this, what is it?

Answer: Taking off her makeup.

February 1

Question: What is the number one lie both men and women tell others? Actually, "I'm fine." was No. 1, but this is the only other one that made the top 10 list for both genders.

Answer: "I'm on my way."

January 31


January 28

Question: Twenty-five percent of us have been annoyed by a neighbor who does this ... what is it?

Answer: Plays a musical instrument loudly.

January 27

Question: Nearly 90 percent of guys have done this, but significantly less than half of women have done it ... what is it?

Answer: Driven 100 miles per hour.

January 26

Question: About 30 percent of us will go here in the next 30 days -- where is it?

Answer: A garage or yard sale.

January 25

Question: Guys, about one-fourth of our significant others consider this our most annoying habit.

Answer: Leaving a wet towel on the bed.

January 24

Question: According to a national survey, a little over 40 percent of us look forward to this every morning -- what is it?

Answer: Checking our email.

January 21

Question: By the age of 35, we will have owned 25 of these. What are they?

Answer: Pairs of sunglasses

January 20

Question: A little more than 50 percent of people who own one of these never use them.

Answer: A sunroof in a car.

January 19

Question: Studies show this one odor makes you want to spend more money. What is it?

Answer: The smell of oranges

January 18

Question: Fifty years ago 90 percent of kids did this one activity. Now only about a third of kids do it. What is it?

Answer: Jump rope

January 14

Question: The list of satisfying jobs is not surprising -- teacher, paramedic, clergyman, etc. -- but according to one popular website, this occupation surprisingly made the top 10. What is it?

Answer: A dentist -- 67 percent of dentists say they are extremely satisfied with their job.s

January 13

Question: A leading fitness magazine said this is the top pet peeve for people who frequent the workout gym.

Answer: When a naked person talks to you in the locker room.

January 12

Question: About 40 percent of people polled say they have a clear memory of this.

Answer: The license plate number from their first car

January 11

Question: According to a popular magazine, this is the most craved food by pregnant women.

Answer: Nachos

January 10

Question: It's KDXU news director Jordan Verdadeiro's birthday ... what university did she graduate from?

Answer: Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida. (Bonus Q: What school did Andy G graduate from? Answer: Utah State)

January 7

Question: The No.1 destination Americans said they wanted to go once they retire?

Answer: Australia

January 6

Question: What one item do 93 percent of us buy at least once a month?

Answer: A pizza

January 5

Question: About 40 percent of single women say this is their biggest pet peeve when they go out with a guy

Answer: When he orders off the menu for her

January 4

Question: Nearly half of Americans are embarrassed by this one fact about themselves.

Answer: Their middle name.

January 3

Question: The average American owns/uses/consumes a total of 533 of these during their lifetime.

Answer: Books.

December 28

Question: Seventy percent of kids can operate a computer mouse by age 5, but most of them can't do this?

Answer: Tie their own shoes

December 27

Question: About 11 percent of us have made this unique New Year's resolution

Answer: To learn a new language

December 23

Question: A huge survey tells us these two things are the most popular things women say it's OK to splurge on

Answer: Flowers, and comfortable jeans

December 22

Question: What were the top 5 most despised Christmas gifts last year?

Answer: 1. Cheap perfume; 2. Handkerchiefs; 3. Socks; 4. Packaged toiletries; 5. Christmas sweaters

December 21

Question: This one activity, for just a few minutes a day, can help reduce anxiety and depression, plus improve balance. What is it?

Answer: Rocking in a rocking chair

December 20

Question: Almost two-thirds of women say this is a dealbreaker when it comes to dating a guy

Answer: If he has a ponytail

December 17

Question: You can burn about 200 calories doing this very lazy activity.

Answer: Watching a scary movie

December 16

Question: Stats show 22 million Americans have one of these (mostly men)

Answer: A moustache

December 15

Question: About two-thirds of women say this one activity relaxes them more than any other

Answer: Eating chocolate

November 24

Question: This happens more often on Friday than any other day -- what is it?

Answer: Traffic accidents

November 23

Question: Twenty-five percent of women have wished for this when they blow out their birthday candles

Answer: More time with their husbands

November 22

Question: The average American woman does this three times a week, what is it?

Answer: Call her mom (average call lasts 16 minutes).

November 19

Question: This has gone down nearly 20 percent in the last few years -- what is it? (Think teenagers)

Answer: High school students who get driver's licenses

November 18

Question: More than 93 percent of pet owners say their dog can do this -- what is it?

Answer: Smile

November 17

Question: The average age of members of this profession is 57

Answer: The American Farmer

November 16

Question: Forty percent of average Americans say they can't live without this one item, what is it?

Answer: Their car

November 15

Question: The average person uses more than 50 of these every day

Answer: Squares of toilet paper

November 12

Question: Adult men spend 1 1/2 hours more per week doing this activity than their female counterparts

Answer: Hanging out with friends

November 11

Question: This household item used to cost thousands of dollars, but now you can pick one up for less than 10 bucks, what is it?

Answer: A computer mouse

November 10

Question: Added together, we spend nearly 40 days of our lives doing this one activity

Answer: Brushing our teeth

November 9

Question: The average woman has done this 15 times in her lifetime.

Answer: Engaged in a "first kiss"

November 8

Question: Fifty-two percent of moms admit they do this one activity after the kids go to school

Answer: Play video games (on phone or otherwise)

November 5

Question: Ninety percent of American Households have bought one of these in the last week

Answer: A pie!

November 4

Question: We love to take pictures of our food! This food item is the most posted picture of food on Facebook

Answer: Shrimp

November 3

Question: We love to spend money on unnecessary items. In fact, Americans spend about $800 million a year on this non-essential -- what is it?

Answer: Peanut butter

November 2

Question: Nearly 9 out of 10 parents say Christmas doesn't begin until they've made this purchase

Answer: Batteries

November 1

Question: The average American household spends $43 every December on this item

Answer: Wrapping paper

October 29

Question: I believe we should all do this every day, but only 75 percent of people do ...

Answer: Put on deodorant

October 28

Question: Lost the remote? It's probably in the couch cushions. Or it maybe you left it here ...

Answer: The refrigerator

October 27

Question: This hobby was down the list two years ago, but was the most popular hobby in 2020

Answer: Cooking

October 26

Question: About 3/4ths of dads say this activity makes them feel like a kid again

Answer: Watching cartoons

October 25

Question: Fifty-nine percent of moms say they've told their children this.

Answer: Don't cross your eyes

October 22

Question: More than 40,000 people go to the emergency room every year for this specific reason

Answer: Getting bitten by a human

October 21

Question: Seven out of ten potential employers have rejected job candidates for this one specific reason

Answer: Stupid/controversial posts on social media

October 20

Question: Almost 96 percent of American households have this particular food item in their kitchens

Answer: Ketchup

October 19

Question: In a national survey, this was the most common nickname for our baby

Answer: Peanut

October 18

Question: Intentionally or not, about 7 million of these are thrown away every day

Answer: Pennies

October 15

Question: 15 percent of married men do this at least once a year and don't tell their wives

Answer: Gamble

October 14

Question: According to a national survey, this state has the ugliest license plate



October 13

Question: 12 percent of males and 10 percent of females have this physical trait

Answer: They're left-handed

October 12

Question: About 30 percent of people with back pain cite this as the main reason

Answer: Lifting the kids

October 11

Question: A large majority of single women say this is a deal breaker when it comes to dating guys

Answer: He can't weigh less than her

October 8

Question: We love to name our pets after food. This particular food is the most popular food name for dog owners.

Answer: Oreo

October 7

Question: Millions of these are purchased every year, but 62 percent of them never get used

Answer: Women's swimsuits

October 6

Question: The top three things that ruin a woman's day are 1. Argument with partner; 2. Incident at work; and 3. What?

Answer: When their jeans/pants don't fit.

October 5

Question: Women do this five times a day, men just three times daily, what is it?

Answer: Apologize

October 4

Question: The average person does this at least five times a day

Answer: Yawns

Bonus question: Andy and his wife Shelly have been married how many years today?

Bonus answer: Married in 1988, that makes it 33 years!

October 1

Question: Twenty percent of Americans do this activity every day, what is it?

Answer: Eat a bowl of cereal

September 30

Question: About 15 percent of Americans say they've stopped doing this one activity, mostly because of Covid-19

Answer: Putting on deodorant

September 29

Question: Fifty percent of US households have at least one of these

Answer: Houseplants

September 28

Question: A new study found that nearly half of Americans dream about this each night

Answer: What they are going to eat the next day

September 24

Question: Two-thirds of us say we do this to try to fit in

Answer: Laugh at a joke, even when we don't get it or think it's funny

September 23

Question: About 70 billion of these are deep fried every year

Answer: Insects

September 22

Question: There are more than 30 different kinds of these in the U.S. What are they?

Answer: Flavors of Pringles potato chips (34 different flavors).

September 21

Question: There are three times as many of these as there are Starbucks in the USA. What are they?

Answer: Tanning salons

September 20

Question: Just over 10 percent of men, at one time or another, have owned one of these

Answer : A neon beer sign

September 17

Question: It's not money or diamonds -- this is what really makes women happy

Answer: A good night's sleep

September 16

Question: Eight out of 10 teenagers have one of these

Answer: A curfew

September 15

Question: The average woman lugs 6.5 pounds of "essential items" in her bag. Her makeup bag is the heaviest essential item, but what is the lightest?

Answer: A comb

September 14

Question: It's not money ... or fame, but just under half of Americans polled say they secretly wish this

Answer: They wish they were taller.

September 13

Question: Men say the cell phone is the best gadget ever invented. Women say it is this

Answer: The hair straightener

September 10

Question: 53 percent of women and 33 percent of men bring this item with them when they travel

Answer: Their pillow

September 9

Question: In the past 10 years, in America, this belief has dropped from 56% to 46%. Belief in what?

Answer: The belief in love at first sight

September 8

Question: Having one of these makes you more likely to overeat

Answer: A messy kitchen

September 7

Question: The average woman spends 11 minutes a day doing this

Answer: Blow drying her hair

September 3

Question: Twenty percent of women say a prayer before doing this

Answer: Step on a scale

September 2

Question: 67% of women have dumped a guy for this one simple reason.

Answer: Because he complained too much.

September 1

Question: In a recent poll 47% of Americans said they use this to catch up on news from friends and family. What?

Answer: A cookout (or BBQ).

August 31

Question: Fifty-two percent of college students say they've consumed this in the last week.

Answer: Energy drinks

August 30

Question: The worst gift -- this is the No. 1 most exchanged and re-gifted present out there.

Answer: A sweater

August 27

Question: The average American household goes through 12 bottles of these a year

Answer: Lotion

August 26

Question: The average American has 13 of these.

Answer: Pain-free days per year.

August 25

Question: Under 45 percent of women younger than 45 do this every day. More than 71 percent of women older than 45 do this daily. What is it?

Answer: Make their beds

August 24

Question: The average woman spends 1,056 hours of her life doing this

Answer: Moisturizing

August 23

Question: On average, parents are spending $501 per child this year for this.

Answer: Back to school shopping

August 20

Question: According to a poll of 6,000 Americans, 30% do not do this as part of a common household chore?

Answer: Separate the whites and colors while doing laundry.

August 19

Question: According to a recent USA Today poll, about 10 percent of us have done this naughty or unethical thing at work.

Answer: Stolen someone else's food from the community fridge.

August 18

Question: The average American household has six of these, what are they? (think kitchen)

Answer: Refrigerator magnets

August 17

Question: One out of every nine Americans have done this (hint: it has to do with your job)

Answer: Worked at a convenience store

August 13

Question: The average woman has 38 of these. What are they?

Answer: Items in their purse.

August 12

Question: The first time this happened was 100 years ago this week. What is it?

Answer: Magicians sawing people in half. The first time that trick was performed was in London in 1921.

August 11

Question: Thirty-six percent of people with this one physical attribute are perceived as smarter

Answer: Straight teeth

August 10

Question: 26% of people have accidentally left this behind on vacation what is it?

Answer: Sunglasses

August 9

Question: The average man gets a new one of these once every two years

Answer: A belt

August 4

Question: A poll of 5000 American adults show that 17% of us said we are very good at this... what?

Answer: Swimming

July 28

Question: Fifth-seven percent of us haven't changed this in more than three years, what is it?

Answer: Our voicemail greeting.

July 27

Question: We all like gummy candy (peach rings, strawberries, pineapple), but there's a new flavor out that has us wondering why -- and eww! What's the new flavor?

Answer: Dill pickle gummies

July 26

Question: Seventy-five percent of us say would give up watching TV, shopping and using our phone for this.

Answer: A flat belly

July 20

Question: About 24% of us are so impatient, we read the do this when we get a particular new item.

Answer: We read the last page of a new book first.

July 19

About 10 percent of women have never done this for their families.

Answer: Cooked a pot roast

July 16



July 15

Question: Fifty-five percent of Americans say they keep one of these in their cars at all times.

Answer: A roll of toilet paper

July 14

Question: Four percent of people say this was their biggest life change during the pandemic.

Answer: They got a swimming pool.

July 13

Question: People west of the Mississippi are more likely to do this than the rest of the country.

Answer: Go out of their way to get cheaper gas.

July 12

Question: Fifty years ago, more than 70 percent of stay at home moms had at least one of these, now less than 30 percent of them do. What are they?

Answer: Aprons

July 8

Question:  Families exchange thousands of texts among each other every year. What's the No. 1 topic of those texts?

Answer:  What's for dinner.

July 7

Question:  The US city with the most "Super Rich" citizens per capita.

Answer:  San Jose, Calif

July 6

Question:  State that eats the most ice cream per capita.

Answer:  Oregon

June 29
Question: Fifty-three percent of us buy this for the Fourth of July.
Answer: Mosquito/bug repellant

June 28
Question: The average parent gets 15 of these every day.
Answer: Minutes of free time

June 25
Question: Most men hate shopping -- and especially for this.
Answer: Furniture

June 24
Question: The average American has six of these -- and paid for none of them.
Answer: Mugs

June 23
Question: Like driving, this is opposite in the UK than it is in the US
Answer: Carousels or merry-go-rounds

June 22
Question: The USA has one of these for every 380 citizens -- the most in the world
Answer: Doctors

June 21
Question: Thirty-five percent of us would do this in a restaurant.
Answer: Finish our food even if we found a hair in it.

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