With record rain and snowfall this January, the southern Utah landscapes are all clean and ready to be explored and photographed.

Southern Utah does its fair share of showing off in the summer with all of the outdoor activities it has to offer. Plenty of bike paths, hiking trails, reservoirs and mountains to climb or rappel. But there is something else southern Utah has to offer. Mild temps and gorgeous views in the winter. It's something the snowbirds have know for years.

We actually got snowfall down as far as Hurricane this month and it stuck for a minute or two! Half of St George was elated that the snow didn't make it this year and the other half were devastated that the miracle that is snow on the ground in St George, didn't happen over night so they could wake up to snow and maybe get a snow day. Washington County Schools did get a notification that busses might be slow due to possible snow, but no luck.

Check out these incredible views a lot of people drive right by on their way to Vegas or California.

Gallery: St George, Utah Is Showing Off After Record Rain And Snowfall

St George and Surrounding Areas Show Off Stunning Views

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Here is what Cedar and surrounding areas looked like this month after all the snow! These pics are to die for.

Gallery: Cedar City, Utah Is Showing Off After Record Rain And Snowfall

Cedar City, Utah & Surrounding Areas Are Absolutely Gorgeous This Time Of Year

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