An attempted burglary took place in the new neighborhood/development of Desert Color Wednesday morning. A gun was also discharged.


According to the owners of the home, around 3:00am Wednesday morning their home was broken into by 3 young men between the ages of 18-25. They were Hispanic dressed in all black. The husband and wife caught them in their home and chased them out. A foot pursuit ensued between the husband and one of the three men.

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"My husband chased him down to the Freedom Prep (Local Private School) area when the suspect pulled out a 9mm handgun and fired shots at my husband."

The homeowner was not hit.


Police arrived at the scene and conducted a 3-hour long investigation of fingerprints, shell case collecting, and attempted to find video footage from surveillance cameras in the neighborhood.

The suspects are believed to have fled the scene in a blue or black older model truck with 4 doors with the back doors only being able to be opened if the front doors are opened.

The Desert Color Community Association sent out an email to residents stating: " From Information provided by the St. George Police Department, this incident is a result of a "crime of opportunity" carried out by individuals who are specifically looking for unlocked vehicles and homes."

You are urged to keep your vehicles and homes locked at all times.

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