Defending Southwestern Utah Heritage Coalition or DSUHC was formed by citizens of the Southwestern part of the state of Utah to defend important issues that we face as nation and that impact us locally.

Changing Dixie State university’s name is one of those issues that is at the forefront of the DSUHC’s concerns.  The House committee voted to forward HB 278 to the House floor last night, DSUHC’s website, they said,  “The committee meeting was beyond unfair!  Dixie State got all the time they needed to present their lies and fabricated stories to the committee.  Our side, those who want Dixie to remain at the university were each given 60 seconds to speak!”  A call to action has been made to contact our local legislators. Tell them that we are counting on them to get to work and line up the others in the House to vote AGAINST THE DIXIE STATE NAME CHANGE!  You can go to dsuhc.org for information on the local legislators and how to contact them. 

Make sure you contact them today.

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