Once upon a Time in St. George Utah, there was a magical place known as the Red Cliffs Mall. Don’t get me wrong, the Red cliffs Mall is still there, and it's still great. But the Mall you see today is quite different from the one we remember in the 90s.

now go buy whatever you girls buy while I go back to work you ungrateful little...
now just go take daddy's money and buy me some beanie babies

For one thing, there used to be a food court.  And according to the video, the idea of paying for anything there with a credit card was apparently insane. It's hard to remember a time when there was a difference between things you could use a credit card for and things you couldn't.

This is also a time before cell phones were common.  So when you called your friends to meet you at the mall, you just went to the mall and then WAITED IN SILENCE for them to show up.  If they didn't show, there was no way to find out why or find out how far away they were.  You just stood there with your own thoughts.  It was torture.

waiting for your friends to show up and cell phones aren't a thing yet
Your friends are late but you don't know where they are because cell phones aren't a thing yet

Thank goodness for This YouTube Video that we found produced back in 1990. The video was Made by a company called Highlights Inc. in cooperation with Falcon Cable Television. This video was played In St. George hotel rooms for several years. 

Not only does this hidden gem showcase historical sites around St. George and Southern Utah, but it also gave us a permanent record of the hairspray scented kingdom known as the Red Cliffs Mall in the 90's.

Come. Join Us.

Mall time GIF - Find on GIFER

St. George's Red Cliffs Mall In The 90's Was Fresh

Step back in time to the 1990's and check out the raddest place in town: the newly-finished Red Cliffs Mall!
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