Holy rain and snow!

The moisture just keeps coming and in some areas it definitely feels like an ark might be needed. Who's building one? I need to make plans. Do you think we could use the Virgin River? I don't know if the original ark needed to make it through anything like the gorge. But we really needed the rain.

Pine Valley mountain finally has snow pack! We haven't seen that for awhile. And it looks gorgeous against the red rocks of Southern Utah. It looks great a little more north as well. This is a pic off of I15 exit 40. Sooooo pretty.

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Now in Utah we are now somewhere around 190% of normal precipitation. And we haven't even hit our normally wettest months, March and April. Experts say that if we stay on pace with this weather pattern, we may see record precipitation that we haven't seen in the last 20 years.

Several days in the passed week I couldn't even see the mountains around my house. New Harmony and Kolob areas actually got more snow than Cedar City area. This is my yard. It is so pretty but with a TON of moisture comes a few down sides.

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I now live on an island in the middle of a lake that is mostly mud. I can't even get out to my barn without sinking pretty deep in mud. I now know more things I need to do for my landscaping in the spring. Pools of water everywhere and standing water on the freeway that then turns into black ice. There were white out and rain out conditions. We had several slide offs and accidents.

There is supposed to be Pine Valley Mountain in the distance of this pic.

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Brian Head Ski resort had it's earliest opening ever the day before Thanksgiving 2022

View from the top of Snowbowl in Missoula, Montana.
Jared Maynard

And the snow keeps packing. In the last week 28 inches have fallen. That is just one week! Woah! I hope that there is a week or two of sun to dry out the land a bit. I need to pull my tractor out of my sinking yard.



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