Barbecue You Have to Chase Down

There is a food truck rolling around Southern Utah that is dishing out some tasty barbecue. It is "Barbecue by Joe" and you can find where he will be on Instagram. Don't worry, all that chasing around for some brisket is worth it.

I got the two meats with two sides for $30. The portions were good and could reasonably feed a couple people. I chose the burnt ends and barbacoa beef with a pasta salad and potato salad.


New Level of Tenderness in the Meat

The burnt ends were amazing. They melted away in my mouth. Sometimes you get a piece of meat with fat that does this, and maybe that's what it was, but it tasted amazing without it being off putting in any way. All that flavor flowing through my mouth was delicious.

The pasta was good and the potato salad had a texture that was rougher rather than smooth and I really liked it. The barbacoa beef was good although I wish I had tried the brisket instead. Overall, it was a good experience.

I almost forgot the cornbread. I feel like if you are eating barbecue and there isn't side of beans or cornbread, they may not know what they are doing.

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We have some good barbecue in Southern Utah and this food truck is a great addition to what is already offered. If you love meat done right, this is a place you should chase down for lunch or dinner.

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