Two Men Topple Rocks in National Park 

Video of two guys defacing a rock formation in the area surrounding Lake Mead has become a big story around the country. National Park personnel are looking for information on the two men involved in the destruction. 

The video shows the men on an ancient rock formation shoving the top stones off while one of their daughters runs around in the background. There doesn’t seem to be any purpose behind what they are doing other than to see the rocks fall. 

Defacing Public Lands and Historic Sights is Common 

Organizations that work to preserve these sites say this kind of vandalism happens all the time. Reports of people painting graffiti or scratching their name into historically significant places happen on a weekly basis. 

Utah law prescribes punishment's for these acts. A first-time offense is a misdemeanor and can result in 100 hours of community service and the cost to restore the damage done. These penalties increase for second and third offenses. 

How to Stop Vandalism 

I’m not sure of the best way to stop people from doing damage to petroglyphs and amazing rock formations. Most of this wanton destruction happens because of boredom and a sense of powerlessness.  

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The more of us who visit and appreciate these areas and pass that on to others could help. It also seems like putting a video camera on everyone's phone has made it easier to document what is happening. Maybe public shaming is the best deterrent. 

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