Many Utahns are seeing the blooming of flowers and trees as the weather warms up but what comes with that is clean up.  

Every year since the beginning of time, trees crossing onto a neighbor's property has been an issue. The leaves and the branches can be annoying especially if you are trying to go for a certain look in your yard or end up taking the time to clean up, it can be annoying.  

Utah Supreme Court Law made it so that any leaves, twigs or branches that “travel” are no longer the responsibility of whoever's tree it was from. So, unfortunately there isn’t much you can do about that.   

When it comes to trimming branches, if you are careful and only cut the items that hand directly over your yard you should be good. But by Utah law, knowingly harming the tree is a no-go and you can be charged by your neighbor. Also, don’t take any fruit. That is under their property so it's technically stealing.  

Once fruit hits the ground who owns it is a bit more up in the air but right of the branch is a no. 

If someone hurts your trees or cuts them down, they can be fined up to $3,000 in Utah. Super large trees can be up to $30,000. 

So, now you know everything about property tree disputes. If you own the tree, just be responsible and respectful of your neighbor(s). Maybe even chat about what to do regarding the trees and property line at the neighborhood BBQ this summer.  


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