A couple of vandals have possibly ruined the chance of public access to Ivin’s Rainbow Canyon after the rocks were spray painted.  

The draw of Rainbow Canyon is a desert wash that locals could go to and view wildlife and interesting rock formations on hikes and walks. Now covered in blue, red and purple spray paint, the area will never be the same, the Salt Lake Tribune said. 

Rize Capital is developing the 113 acres where this occurred and is building a resort called The Retreat. Development is set to begin this summer.  

Now that this vandalism has occurred, Rize Capital is considering closing off public access to the popular spot for recreation.  

“Actions have consequences,” said Santa Clara-Ivins police spokesman, Lt. Jaron Studley. “It took these individuals a few moments to do what they did and to ruin what could have been a decent relationship with the property owner that [would allow people] to recreate on the land until it was developed. But it looks like that opportunity is gone.” 

Rize officials are paying $3,000 to get the site cleaned up and even with that effort, it may never be the same.  

Though vandalism isn’t a common problem for the Ivins community it does happen on occasion. The Ivins Santa Clara PD has been searching the area for the vandals who they suspect are “young people”. Unfortunately, there has been no success from the gang taskforce or working with school resource officers.  

Ivins is a well-known recreation area and it's a shame that some would try to ruin it. Please do better Utah.  


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