I know that it's staying lighter, and it will only continue to do so, which means you can have bonfires, parties and get together later in the evening.  

The Summer fun in Utah will start relatively soon and it absolutely should! However, that is not an excuse to be making noise at all hours of the night in the name of a good time. You can still host bonfires, parties and get togethers but Utah has some laws about noise that disturbs the peace.  

In Salt Lake County, the regulations on noise are from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. to prevent any disturbances in neighborhood areas. This can also apply to daytime noise if it is “extremely loud” the Salt Lake County Health Department said.   

There are exceptions to this, like snow removal and construction work, if it has a temporary noise permit. Even construction work needs to let people know that there will be a disturbance of noise.  

The Utah Legislature has Judicial Code 78B that details what a public nuisance is in relation to noise. If you are hosting a rager of some sort and its noise level gets out of hand, then that could be a criminal offense.  

For young college students this may seem like a total bummer but for the rest of us, the ordinances help protect the peace of a living area in Utah.  

This also means your neighbor shouldn’t be going out at 9 p.m. to mow the lawn or do any other yard work that creates too much noise.  

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