Opponents of a move to change the name of Dixie State University held a rally today to protest ahead of a key vote in the Utah Legislature. 

Under the clock tower at 11:30 this morning was a brilliant red display of those who love and support keeping the name Dixie in their beloved university.  People of all ages attended the rally with blue skies and sun shining above.  Only a slight breeze kept their jackets on.  Spirits were high as several people spoke to the crowd.  Cheering and clapping could be heard across the campus.  University police were in attendance but there was no cause for alarm as the citizens in attendance were smiling and happy to be there with high hopes, they will be heard by those in the Utah State Legislature.


Dixie State Student Summer Simpkins is all for keeping the name Dixie.  She grew up in Utah’s Dixie, and loves the name.

Student Summer Simpkins expresses why she loves the name Dixie

Student Nathan Cortese  is also against the Dixie name change. Here’s why:

Nathan Cortese on Dixie name change

DSU Student Katie Johnson is for the name change. Johnson is currently the vice president of Service on DSU’s campus.

DSU Student Katie Johnson is for the Dixie name change

Whatever happens with the Dixie name, the citizens for keeping the name did their best to fight for what they believe is the right thing for their community, their future posterity and to honor those who came before them and made Utah’s Dixie what it is today.



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