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Senator Mike Lee part of the Congressional Economic Task Force
Republican Senator Mike Lee is part of the group that will help reopen the American economy.  President Trump has appointed Senator Lee to the Congressional Economic Task Force this afternoon.  The bipartisan group of lawmakers will counsel the president about how to get American workers back into their jobs while dealing with the ongoing threat of the coronavirus.  In ...
Senator Mike Lee calling for cooler heads
Republican Senator Mike Lee wants cooler heads to prevail following an attack on bases in Iraq where U.S. troops are stationed. On Twitter, Senator Lee said, "the U.S. should seek to deescalate," the situation with Iran. Lee also said it should be up to Congress to determine "whether further military actions is warranted...
Senator Lee warning Democrats about Trump impeachment
Republican Senator Mike Lee is warning House Democrats to stay away from impeaching President Trump. In an online town hall meeting, a caller asked Senator Lee how he would act if the House moves to impeach the President. Lee stated he did not believe the President had committed any impeachable offenses, and went onto say it would be a "huge mistake" politically for Democrats to move for
Senator Lee Says Impeachment a Mistake
Utah Senator Mike Lee says Democrats would be making a mistake to try to impeach President Trump. Appearing on Fox News yesterday, Lee said Republicans learned their lesson when they attempted to impeach President Clinton in the 1990s. The Utah Republican said the Clinton impeachment didn't turn out well for the GOP, and an attempt to impeach Trump would turn out the same for Democrats... Read Mor

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