I’ve become a nut for woodfired pizza over the last few years.  My wife is a fan too.  The PROBLEM is that when my wife likes something, they go out of business.  It has happened with everything from cereal to restaurants, household items.  You name it.  So, if you are wondering what happened to 700 Degree Artisan Pizza on Sunset (their woodfired pizza was awesome), it’s gone and it’s my wife’s fault.  After that building was dark and empty for a while, Riggatti’s has popped up in that location.  I tried one pizza there that was …OK.  I’ll give them a few tries.  Blaze pizza is OK too, but I wasn’t bowled over.  I’m not one to be quick to criticize.  Sometimes the way a pizza comes out is on YOU as the one ordering.  Wait!  That’s gone too?  The Bluff street Blaze pizza is closed already!  This is heart breaking.


A while back I took my wife out for pizza at Voodoo Pizza.  She loved it!  You may have noticed, it has closed too.  I just tried the Pizza Wagon in Hurricane.  It’s really good. It's a bit of a hike from Diamond Valley but we’ll be going back.  I’ll just say, I’m sorry in advance if my wife’s bad luck causes another fine pizza establishment to go out of business.  So, help me find a good woodfired pizza place in Southern Utah.  It’s getting serious.  I almost bought one of those outdoor pizza ovens.  I've noticed a lot of people having brick pizza ovens installed on their patio.  These are my people!!!  Surely that's not my only option.  I'm counting on you to help.  What is your favorite place for woodfired pizza?

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