Wanted to share some of my thoughts ...Eric Moutsos. (Commentary)

Freedom doesn't automatically equate to liberty. Meaning, Freedom + Morality = Liberty . And it's immoral to lock healthy people away. It's immoral for any government to shut down and limit someone's small business in any way. Therefore, the spirit of liberty can't be present without a moral government.

All day the wind was blowing so hard. If fact so hard they couldn't even set up the stage. Almost to the minute as soon as people started pouring in, the wind died down to almost nothing. It was a miracle, and we prayed for it.

Another dream came true for me...

I was able to sing Little Rock with Collin Raye. I almost choked up because I've always dreamt about singing a song with a legend like Collin. 16 #1 hits is a feat most artists never accomplish. He did such a great job. And being 60 years old?!? He crushed it. Oh, and Guy Fieri made a special guest appearance to introduce Collin on the stage.

I have so much more to write but I'll just say that God didn't quit on us. We fought for this Revival to happen and so many stepped up to make it a historical day. The first big concert since Covid19. I hope America will see we can actually do it and not be afraid.

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