Advertising Has Been in A Serious Mood for Too Long 

Ever since the pandemic, businesses who advertise have been wary of using humor in their advertising. They fear they will look out of touch and not caring enough when bad things are happening. Because of this there has been a lot of purpose driven messaging the last while. 

This has led to fatigue in the advertiser. There is only so long you can walk around feeling gloomy. On the other hand, making people smile or even chuckle has tremendous upside for a company’s brand.  

The benefit of humor in advertising is well documented. 90% of people say they remember funny ads and nearly two thirds say they would choose to buy from a place with a funny commercial over their competitor. 

Why Don’t More Places Do Funny Stuff? 

Often the reason a company avoids something that cracks up their potential consumers is they are afraid a funny ad will make people think they are not serious. Owners get gun shy when the advertising for the business they have put their sweat and tears into looks flippant and they pull back. 

Other reasons for avoiding humor in ads is because it is hard and not everyone is good at it. It takes creativity and it is easy to miss. Nothing is worse than a spot that attempts to be funny but is just annoying. We have witnessed plenty of these examples during the Super Bowl. 

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Nevertheless, the upside of creating a funny spot is too good to pass up. Something that makes people laugh will get ten times the value of some straight read. Hopefully this new trend of humor showing up in advertising will continue. We could all use some lightening up in 2024. 

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