Do you have a go to dinner stop?

It's incredibly subjective for me to say these are the best places to eat, depending on where you are. And it's worth pointing out that I'm a simple man, more comfortable chomping a chili burger than slicing a prime rib.

Oh yeah, and I'm cheap.

But every time I hit the road for work or play, I have a few favorites.

Before I lived in St. George, it was always a given that we would eat at Pizza Factory (and get that edible cookie dough).

Now that I live here, the trips I make are usually to the Salt Lake City area. Here are some of my favorite haunts:

South Salt Lake Valley -- Astro Burgers

Easily the best chili burger I've ever eaten, I often get texts from my kids with one line "Guess where I am?"

The answer is always Astro Burgers and their chili burger has no equal on this planet. It's chili with no beans, char-broiled beef, melty cheese and a one-way trip to heaven.

Astro Burgers has locations in South Jordan, Midvale and Draper.

Dedicated? -- I once ordered a bucket full of their chili so I could take it home with me and try to replicate their amazing burgers. I failed, but I did enjoy their chili.

San Diego -- Filippi's Pizza Grotto

Never had their pizza, actually, because their other Italian dishes are so phenomenal. Their lasagne with meatball and Italian sausage is out of this world.

Dedicated? -- Every time I go to San Diego, I vow to eat at someplace new. Haha, I always inevitably end up here, drawn to it like a magnet.

A Dying Breed -- Godfather's Pizza

Still my favorite pizza, to me their pepperoni and sausage pizza with their unbeatable sauce will never be beaten in the pizza industry.

I actually delivered for Godfather's in West Jordan back in the early 1980s. In 1982, Godfather's was the third largest pizza chain in America (ahead of Domino's).

There used to be a Godfather's on the Boulevard in St. George and on Main Street in Cedar City. Sadly, there are no Godfather's left in Utah. But according to their website, there are still more than 400 Godfather's locations in the United States.

An internet search tells me there is one in Las Vegas (inside a Love's gas station).

Dedicated? -- I once ordered three large pizzas after I'd finished broadcasting a basketball in Salt Lake. I ate one while I drove the length of the state to St. George, then shared the other two with family.

Salt Lake City -- Moochies

I served a mission to Philadelphia and I can tell you that Moochies is as close Philly as you can get. Their cheeseteaks are amazing, but the real star of the show is their meatball subs.

Oh, and they have Birch Beer.

Dedicated? -- Ordered the meatball sub in Salt Lake City, with a large Birch Beer. Then stopped at the one in Lehi (now closed) and went at it again.

Las Vegas -- Giordano's

You walk into Giordano's and the first thing they tell you is that it will take nearly an hour for them to make one of their amazing famous deep dish stuffed pizzas.

Trust me, it's worth the wait.

Dedicated? -- Only seating they had last time I was there last summer was outside in the heat of Vegas. I didn't care. I was there for that stuffed pizza!

Austin, Texas -- Terry Black's BBQ

My friends and I hit 14 BBQ joints in four days to try and decide which BBQ joint was the best in southwest Texas and Terry Black's was the clear winner.

We didn't look at price, location or popularity. All that mattered was taste. And TB's won. There are other Black's BBQ joints around Texas. The story goes that when the Black patriarch passed away he left the franchise to his sons.

But Terry won out when it comes to flavor. It's a long way from here, but I'd be willing to make the trek again and I will when the opportunity comes up.

Dedicated? -- Flew 1,500 miles to get some. Enough said.

There are others and I could go on all day. But an Astro's chili burger or some brisket and ribs from Terry Black's are a big part of the little things that make life great.


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