Summer COVID Making Its Way to Utah 

The name COVID still inspires a tinge of worry, but the latest variants are not as strong as the original. With summer heating up and people vacationing and spending more time inside, the rates of people infected are going up.  

The CDC reports only one state declining in cases with the rest increasing since May 25, 2024. Cases remain mild and have not significantly increased hospital visits. As always, staying home can stop the spread and you should still be mindful of those with health conditions. 

Where Does Utah Stand This Summer? 

Several states around Utah are growing including Nevada, Arizona and California. Utah is "likely growing" according to the site. In talking with friends and neighbors, many have said something is going around. The level of concern isn't high. My kids in South Carolina tested positive for the virus and were instructed to go home and rest.

With less people testing for COVID, the main way of tracking the spread of it is in waste water. There are a few subvariants of the virus including the latest derived from the Jn1 variant that is called FLiRT. The virus continues to mutate and has become a seasonal sickness. 

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They are talking about a vaccine to target this version. Most people describe cold like symptoms with a sore throat and cough. It can certainly make a vacation less enjoyable, and it spreads easily. 

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