Parrots in North America 

In ancient times, parrots were native to North America as the continent then enjoyed warmer temperatures. In modern times these birds were usually found south of the equator, but not anymore. 

A recent study done by a woman who noticed parakeets in Chicago showed there are parrots in 43 of the 50 states. Included on that list is Florida, California and the tropical paradise of Utah. Specifically, the Salt Lake area and down in the corner in Southern Utah. 

How Did Parrots Get Here? 

Most of the parrots living in North America are in urban areas. They believe most were pets that have escaped and bred in the wild. These birds thrive where there are high population centers even if the climate normally wouldn’t suit them. 

Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash
Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash

When I lived in Southern California, there was a flock of escaped parrots that would fly over every morning. They were the loudest birds I have ever heard. It would be early in the morning, and it sounded like a bunch of teenagers screaming at each other. 

Parrots From Mexico Moving into California 

In the news, there has been information about the parrots returning to San Diego. These are Red-crowned Amazon parrots that have become endangered in Mexico, but our thriving in the San Diego beach communities. They think it is in part because of the imported trees. 

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The map shows only one species of parrots in Utah and these are parakeets. Who knows, if the Red-Crowned parrots can live in California, they might eventually make their way to Utah. That would be kind of cool as long as they don’t fly over my house early in the morning.  

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