Recently, we went on Facebook to ask, "What do you think is the problem with Utah drivers?"

Boy, oh boy did we ever get an earful from frustrated drivers all over the state.

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Hundreds of people got really fired up about the way drivers behave in Utah (giphy)

Many of these complaints could probably be applied to any driver in any state. I don't think that Utah has the corner market on running red lights or having elderly drivers for example.

But there are an awful lot of stereotypes out there about how drivers in Utah behave as opposed to drivers in the other 49 states. And sadly, many stereotypes start with at least a little grain of truth.

Being as a Utah driver myself, I found some of these criticisms to be a little unfair, so as an added bonus there is a line of defense for each one of these claims.

So here we present to you, the most common complaints people have stated about the way the beehive state behaves behind the wheel.

Why Do People Hate Utah Drivers?

These are the most common reasons why people HATE Utah Drivers.
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