The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) is beginning construction on a project designed to enhance the safety and mobility of Scenic Byway State Route 12 through a one-and-one-quarter mile section of Bryce Canyon National Park.  

The project, valued at over $8-million, extends efforts to bring further stability to a landslide area that claimed half of the road in February 2017 and follows an Environmental Assessment conducted jointly by both UDOT and the National Park Service to assess the long term stability and improvements necessary to sustain mobility needs into the future.  

The project will also provide improved access for vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians through a better defined corridor built within the context of park and regional needs.  

In addition to pavement renovation, improvements include a westbound climbing lane to help reduce speed conflicts and provide passing opportunities on a steep curvy grade where driver visibility is limited.  6-foot wide shoulders will facilitate active transportation such as bicyclists for a portion of the road along with adjustments to striping, signing and barriers.  

Much of the excavation, drainage and earthwork will take place during the fall months with paving, final road striping and barrier work to be finished under proper temperatures next spring.  

Motorists should plan for single lane closures with alternating traffic and traffic stops of up to 15 minutes during daylight hours.  

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