5 Utah Facts To Turn Your Head
5 Utah Facts To Turn Your Head
5 Utah Facts To Turn Your Head
Utah can be a wild and wacky place and even has several climates throughout the state, but its unique geographical features and rich history is what makes it stand out.   5 Fun Utah State Facts:  #1—Plastic Surgery  Salt Lake City has an abnormal number of plastic surgeons! It has the second h...
Lagoon steps toward normal operation
Lagoon amusement park is taking a step toward resuming normal operations.  The park reopened its Biergarten yesterday, saying that social distancing and health protocols will allow them to seat up to 200 people safely.  A spokesperson for the park said there is still no decision on when the rest of the Davis County amusement park will reopen, though plans are being made to resume operation.  Th
Lagoon temporarily delays opening
The roller coasters of Lagoon Amusement Park will not be ready for guests this weekend as planned.  Park officials announced today the ongoing coronavirus pandemic was forcing them to postpone the opening date at least through the end of March.  ...
New attraction to open at Lagoon
A new attraction is set to open in Lagoon later this month, and it is not a ride. The amusement park will open a Bavarian-style Biergarten on June 20th. The Biergarten will be in the heart of the park behind the historic wooden Roller Coaster...