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People in Utah Warned Of New Phone Scam
People in Utah are being warned of a new telephone scam which is currently sweeping the United Kingdom and could be set to hit the United States. CPR Call Blocker, makers of the best-selling call blocking device in the US and the UK, is urging the public in Utah to beware if they receive a call from an apparent police officer telling you that your bank card has been cloned or that money has been t
U.S. Marshall Service in Utah warning of phone scam
The U.S. Marshal Service in Utah is warning residents about a phone scam involving their office.  According the marshals, the scammers spoof their office's phone number to trick victims into believing it is a legit call.  They then attempt to collect a fake fine, telling victims to use a prepaid debit card to avoid arrest.  Offic ...
Authorites Warn of Social Security Scam
Authorities are warning Utah residents about a social security scam that's hitting the state. Scammers are calling people to tell them their social security numbers have been stolen. Then they ask their targets to confirm their social security and bank information to prevent suspension of their accounts...