The second debate to fill Congressman Chris Stewart’s seat occurred on June 22 in St. George. The debate was exclusively filled with Republican candidates running for the seat of Congressional District 2 in the state of Utah.

Here’s who was in attendance.

  • Scott Reber
  • Greg Hughes
  • Jordan Hess
  • Scott Hatfield
  • Becky Edwards
  • Quin Denning
  • Bill Hoster
  • Bruce Hough
  • Henry Eyring
  • Celeste Maloy
  • Kathleen Anderson

Here are 3 topics covered during the debate that’s worth your time:

Representation for Southern Utah

A constant theme throughout the debate was if it truly matters for a congressman to live in the district they’re representing.

Candidates like Jordan Hess, Quin Denning, and Bill Hoster (who all live in Southern Utah) emphasized the need to have Southern Utah representation in Congress, with many of other candidates who are currently outside the district stating their commitment to keep their ear to the ground for Southern Utah.

Federal Government Intervention in Utah

Many questions were raised about the federal government intervening on things that should be up to the citizens.

Candidates each gave their own specific take on federal intervention like mandatory vaccinations, debt limit increase, and use of natural resources.

Each of the candidates emphasized the need for less government control, and more control for the common resident.

How to Support Ukraine

Lastly, the quick-fire list of questions toward the end of the debate sparked many responses regarding the war between Ukraine and Russia.

Many of the candidates voiced their support for Ukraine, but said the federal government needs to stop handing out blank checks to Ukraine. This also ties back to the federal intervention issue that was touched on earlier.

Many of them tied the conflict in Ukraine to the frivolous spending on the federal level.

The vote for the G.O.P. Convention will happen on Saturday at Delta High School.

If you want to see the full debate, check out the recording of the full livestream.


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