Its been four long, treacherous years since Macin Smith was last seen after he walked out of his St. George home and never made it to school.

There have been countless searches, international interest and continued national coverage since the day Macin left his home but there have been few credible leads and no evidence of his wherabouts, leaving his heartbroken family with no closure or answers of where he could be.

Nearing 50,000 members of the Help Find Macin Smith Facebookpage, authorities, family, friends and countless volunteers have wondered what has happened to the tall blue-eyed blond boy who disappeared without a trace on September 1, 2015.

The Facebook page filled with “Macin’s Army” members has turned into an avenue for many to come and share their thoughts about the missing boy, who would now be 21-years-old. The page has turned into a hope page for concerned friends and family of other missing people who come to share information about their loved one.

Jolyne Gailey, a long time volunteer, page administrator and family friend to Macin’s family said they want more than anything for Macin to be home and to never give up but the page is also there to help others.

“Unfortunately there is STILL NOTHING NEW to report,” said Gailey. “Having said that, we have been presented with an amazing opportunity to be an Army of 50,000 people worldwide….. we have a rare opportunity to help or possibly prevent someone else from experiencing what we have for three and a half years.”

Ketih Bratt, Macin’s uncle post on the page shows the amount of grief their family has suffered as a result of his disappearance.

“Macin you are in my thoughts always. I love you beyond words. I know you felt so alone, and that no one cared. That is only how you felt, the truth is more people know your name, and care where you are, then you could ever imagine. Who cares if one more light goes out? I DO.
Love you, and miss you .”

A lot has changed for the Smith’ and Bratt families since Macin left, but one thing that will never change is their love for Macin and their desire to see him again and to hopefully someday have answers.

In January, the community stepped in to give his mother a place to reflect, grieve and feel a little closer to her son.

“I’m hoping that those who feel alone will now have something to connect with and that they aren’t alone in their struggles,” said Tracey Bratt Smith, Macin’s mother.

Tracey Smith and her brother Keith Bratt visited the bench on Sunday, where they could sit and ponder life and share in his memory.

The last large scale search for Macin was in September 2018 when over 100 volunteers showed up to help search for him.

During the 100+ degree weather, in the dry desert, men, women and teens poured their hearts and souls into the search and showed up to offer their love and support in hopefully finding answers for the loved ones of Macin Smith.

Macin left home the morning of September 1, 2015. Both Tracey Bratt-Smith and her husband Darrin thought he was on his way to school but later found out he never even made it and had left his cell phone, wallet and computer at home, taking nothing with him.

Tracey and her husband found a note a week later inside his wallet. While they have not shared the contents of the note, they have indicated it has lead them to believe he might have intended to harm himself.

There have been many reported sightings of Macin over the last four years, all over the country but none have turned out to be him.

Macin is 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. He has light blue eyes and he had short blond hair when he went missing. The Smith family moved to Utah from Canada in spring 2015. Macin however was raised in Saratoga Springs until the eighth grade.

To learn more about Macin Smith and how you can join Macin’s Army please visit their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.

Story provided by our News Partners at ABC 4 News.

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