Gov. Gary Herbert announced a new plan for Utah's COVID-19 response. The color codes will be done away with.

The new system is based on science calculated by the amount of infection and transmission. Public health officials will analyze each county based on three data points to determine high, moderate, or low transmission.

• High: 320+ cases per 100,000 and 13% positivity.

• Moderate: 6-12.9% positivity, 101-324 cases per 100,000 ICU is 69%

• Low: 5.9% positivity, 100 per 100,000 and ICU 68.9%

The website will be updated every Thursday to show which county is in which category.

Masks are to worn in all levels of Transmission.

Each level has it's own set of rules for 3 things.

  1. Wearing Masks
  2. Social gatherings
  3. Public gatherings

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