Arcades are a bit of a lost art in today's age. Now let me be clear, when I’m talking about arcades, I mean facilities completely dedicated to cultivating a collection of fun machines both retro and modern for people to enjoy.

Fiesta Fun and Laser Mania both have arcade sections in their facilities, but they’re not completely dedicated to it. 

Though there isn’t an overwhelming need or desire for such a place, there is a feeling that can’t be replicated in dedicated arcades. Case and point, I went to a retro arcade in Provo called Nickelcade, most if not all the machines were absolute RETRO CLASSICS. One such machine was Tekken 3, one of the most classic arcade fighting games.  

I got a bit lucky with the button mashing (don’t pretend you don’t do it too) and I ended up going on a bit of a winning streak. Winning streaks at the arcade usually means a line will start to form in order to dethrone you.

It’s an amazing and terrifying experience to go as long as you can, but it’s even better since all the machines at Nickelcade only cost a nickel to play, hence the name. Which means you’re not breaking the bank to try and dethrone the crazy button-masher that is yours truly. 

Having something similar in Southern Utah would be a PHENOMINAL date spot, or just a fun night out in general. Nickelcade has multiple locations in Northern Utah, so I think it would be a very good idea if they decided to share the retro arcade love in Southern Utah. 

If you’re interested in the possibility of an affordable retro arcade, go to one of their two Facebook pages and show them there is an audience for them in Southern Utah. 


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