Are drone shows a suitable replacement for firework shows? The Mayor of Salt Lake City seems to think so.  

Instead of a firework show on Independence Day and Pioneer Day, a drone show will take place to celebrate the occasions in Utah’s capital city. 

The reason for the change of festivities is an increasing risk of fires breaking out in Northern Utah as well as the degradation of already poor air quality. 

This brings up an interesting possibility in Southern Utah. The residents of St. George in particular LOVE their fireworks. So much so, there are always multiple reports every year of early firework displays (which is super illegal by the way).  

Southern Utah also has a serious wildfire issue, just like Salt Lake City. Should Washington County switch to a different alternative, like a drone show, to mitigate the risk of an already rough wildfire season?

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t think the residents of Southern Utah would be too willing to give away their fireworks.  

I absolutely understand the need to decrease the wildfire rate in Southern Utah, but fireworks are so engrained into American culture that it would be like putting a carnivore on a vegan diet. 

The city of Hurricane has a possible solution to the fire risk with fireworks. The public is only allowed to use fireworks in designated areas of the city with the lowest risk of fires breaking out. 

That’s not to say I don’t like drone shows, I think they’re VERY cool. I just don’t think drone shows can fill the void that fireworks would leave behind.  

Who knows, maybe the drone show in Salt Lake City will go so well it will start a trend throughout the state. 


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