Shoppers at the Zion Factory Outlets on February 17 saw an argument involving a couple escalate to the point where a pregnant woman was being dragged by a car.

Public Information Officer Tiffany Mitchell from the St. George Police Department provided details on this strange incident.

Officer Mitchell said, “We had several citizens that were in the parking lot of the Zion Factory stores call in to report a family fight where a pregnant female had been dragged by a vehicle, and when she fell from the vehicle, the car left the area.”

According to the report from Officer Mitchell, the couple were arguing for an unspecified reason, and the man walked away from the conversation and entered his vehicle. The pregnant woman who was part of the argument then followed to get something out of the car, and that’s when the dragging occurred.

It’s not confirmed if the man shut the window on the woman’s arm, but she was dragged via the window, nonetheless.

Officer Mitchell said, “We were able to locate the individual [the man] and he was taken to jail for several charges and the pregnant female was checked out by medical on scene and she refused transport.”

Fortunately, the woman who is 26 weeks into her pregnancy only suffered minor injuries from being dragged approximately 100 feet.

Officer Mitchell said this is a perfect example of why reporting crimes as soon as possible is important as it could save a life hanging in the balance.  If it’s an emergency, contact 911. If it’s a report regarding a potential suspect or information on a non-emergency type crime, contact dispatch at 435-627-4300.


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