Alright, so I was born and raised right here in Southern Utah. I know the local high schools like the back of my hand! But let's be honest... SOME of the mascots SUCK! Well... I'm here to fix it! So, I've redone ALL of the local schools mascots to better fit the area!

Here we go!

Up first! The FIRST SCHOOL in Southern Utah... DIXIE HIGH! The Flyers.

attachment-dixie 3

Here's my issue with the name "Dixie Flyers": A "Flyer" is a paper that serves as an invite to a party or event! A "Flier" is someone that FLIES. So technically... Major typo there for Dixie. But it's still (in my mind) the best mascot in town! GREAT NAME. However, to better fit our heritage and history of St. George, Dixie should be the PIONEERS! Come on! It fits perfect!

attachment-Dixie Pioneers

I know "Pioneers" isn't sexy, but if you think about it... the Pioneers were TOUGH, and strong! I mean, come on! They founded the entire West Coast!

Next up: The Hurricane Tigers.


A lot of people don't even realize where the city of Hurricane even got their name! According to Hurricane's Wikipedia page, Hurricane got it's name after the wind blew the top off Erastus Snow's buggy. Snow said "Well... That was a Hurricane!"

But in regards to the Hurricane Tigers... HOW MANY TIGERS HAVE YOU SEEN DOWN HERE? ZERO! Doesn't make sense right? So why not stick with the name of the city and be the... HURRICANE HURRICANES! The University of Miami use the name Hurricanes, and I like it for us too!

attachment-hurricane hurricanes

Next up: Cedar Reds (Formerly Cedar Redmen)


Man... One of my favorite places to play high school basketball was CEDAR! They were the Redmen at the time. The gym was small, it was always full and THOSE DRUMS! The tomahawk chop from the fans. It was AWESOME! I wonder if they still do that, now that they're the Reds.


For Cedar, I want to go back to something with a bit of a Native American feel. Plus, I really like the school and mascot to kind of sound similar. Like this...



I feel like the logo still LOOKS kind of Native, but also kind of western. Like Cowboys & Indians kind of!

Next: Pine View Panthers

attachment-Pine View

I totally respect and appreciate the double P thing! PINE view PANTHERS. But again... When was the last time you saw a PANTHER roaming around southern Utah? Never! But you know what that area had A TON OF? DINOSAURS! You've got The St. George Dinosaur Discover Site right down the road, and Dino Crossing right there too!

Let's go with HANDS DOWN the coolest, and scariest Dinosaur. The Raptor.

attachment-pine view 2

T-Rex is scary... Sure. But remember  the scene in Jurassic Park where they're being chased in the kitchen by the Raptors? It still haunts me. That's TERRIFYING!

Next: Snow Canyon Warriors


Is there any reason for Warriors in Santa Clara? Was Jacob Hamblin an actual Warrior? What am I missing here? This one feels like a No-Brainer! Santa Clara was founded by the Swiss, and they have Swiss Days every September! Let's celebrate that!

attachment-sc swiss

Again... Not the sexiest nickname, but it could be A LOT OF FUN! Official school Uniform: Lederhosen! They can have their version of Oktoberfest, Swiss cheese, and the Matterhorn! Honestly, it sounds kind of awesome and now I want them to switch! Imagine every morning... The Pledge of Allegiance and The Morning Yodel!

Next: Canyon View Falcons

attachment-cv falcons

I'll be honest. Growing up in Southern Utah, I was NEVER intimidated by the Falcons. I didn't like the Mascot, I didn't like the colors, I didn't like the logo. BUT, Falcons are probably very local to Cedar and Enoch.

attachment-Canyon view 2

This one makes TONS OF SENSE to me. Once again. CANYON view COUGARS, double C's. I love it! Plus! Those mountains and hills definitely have some Cougars up there! Come on Canyon View! Let's make this one happen!

Next: Desert Hills Thunder


I graduated from Desert Hills in 2010. I loved Thunder as the mascot, Thunderstruck by AC/DC at EVERY event, and the idea of "A STORM IS COMING" type of vibe... But even at the time, I always thought "We never get Thunder here! Clear skies means no Thunder!" So here I am to fix this... And this might be my favorite one!

attachment-dh 4

Once again... The Double Letter. DESERT hills DIAMONDBACKS! Plus, Rattlesnakes are DEFINITELY around in this area, and if you're up hiking near Desert Hills High, you're bound to run into one!

Next: Southern Utah's newest school... Crimson Cliffs Mustangs.


This one INFURIATED me when I found out about it. I was like "COME ON! You already have the 2 C's, make it 3!" Crimson Cliffs Cats, Crimson Cliffs Cavemen, ANYTHING! But I'm here to fix this!


Crimson Cliffs Cowboys! The 3 C's makes my heart race. I love it! Plus... Out there by Staheli Farm and Warner Valley? That's Cowboy Country, baby! Think horses, spurs, YEE-HAWS! This could work!


Obviously, none of these are going to happen. I'm not trying to change history. I'm just having fun with the local schools! I hope you enjoyed!

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