A violin in a paper bag? Whale hunting in a land-locked state? Throwing snowballs in city limits?

Yep these are laws (or in some cases, statutes) in the state of Utah.

In fact, just googling "bizarre laws in Utah" could lead you on a tangent that may include the pros and cons of carrying violins in a paper bag (by the way, it's illegal to do in Salt Lake City, but OK in the rest of the state of Utah), why not drinking milk is legal, but discriminating against milk-drinkers is illegal, the virtue (or vice) of throwing snowballs (illegal in Provo City limits) or the fact that fishing from horseback is legal, as long as you're not using a crossbow.

These are real laws and are very bizarre, for sure. But there are stranger laws ion the Western United States.

To the west

Our friends in Nevada need to be aware that you cannot, under any circumstances, put an American flag on a bar of soap.

Further west

Out in California, there are some really wacky laws. For instance, you can't ride a bicycle in a swimming pool in the Golden State. Also, you can't wear cowboy boots unless you own at least two cows. And in Palm Springs, it’s illegal to walk a camel down Palm Canyon Drive between the hours of 4 and 6 p.m.

To the north

Speaking of camels, you aren't allowed to fish off the back of a camel in Idaho. You can't fish from a helicopter, either. But love is OK, for a short time. Apparently all public displays of affection in Idaho are limited to 18 consecutive minutes. Who can hold their breath that long anyway?


In Colorado, public use of catapults, blowguns and slingshots are unlawful in Aspen. And in parts of the Colorado, you can't kiss a sleeping woman. Poor Snow White would have died.


New Mexico may get the "weirdest laws" award, though. In New Mexico, idiots can't vote (they can't use that in Washington, D.C, or nothing would ever get done), you aren't allowed to hunt in cemeteries, waiting tables while naked is strictly prohibited and you are never, ever allowed to bet on ostrich races.

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