In keeping with a 19-year tradition, the Art Around the Corner Foundation (AACF) is once again partnering with the City of St. George to bring world-class public art to town.

On April 1, nearly 30 new sculptures and works of 3D art will be installed in Historic Town Square and Main Street, with additional works to be placed at St. George Regional Hospital.

“Art Around the Corner really enhances the quality of life in St. George through the installation of public art,” said St. George City Mayor Michele Randall. “Our residents and visitors are always excited to see and interact with the Outdoor Sculpture Galleries each year. We treasure this enduring collaboration and encourage everyone to come downtown and enjoy these pieces.”

Since 2004, the all-volunteer, nonprofit AACF has worked closely with the City to encourage renowned national artists to take part in a unique “art on loan” program, in which the artists install their works in St. George for a full year, free of charge. In return, Art Around the Corner endeavors to sell or lease the pieces to local businesses, private collectors and others.

The City of St. George and St. George Regional Hospital have acquired many of the sculptures for their permanent collections, and most recently, Bountiful City and South Bend, Indiana, purchased pieces from the St. George collections.

Three works from 2022-2023 Outdoor Sculpture Gallery, which will soon make way for the new installations, have been purchased by the City of St. George:

  • Northern Utah-based artist Dan Hill’s “Midfield Matchup,” depicting a pair of young soccer players, will find a new home at the soccer fields in Little Valley.
  • St. George resident Mark Rane’s wire sculpture, “Mary,” will be installed at the St. George Art Museum.
  • At Vernon Worthen Park, Taylorsville resident Dan Toone’s colorful abstract, “Within a Dream,” will join his prior work, “Sun Seekers.”

At St. George Regional Hospital, Minneapolis-based sculptor Kimber Fiebiger’s evocative bronze, “We The People,” has found a permanent home on the facility’s grounds. Bountiful has purchased the whimsical metal sculpture “Pig Iron,” created by Damian Radice of Grand Junction, Colo., and “Sharing a Story,” an impressionistic bronze duo seated on a bench, crafted by Marie-Pierre Phillippe-Lohezic of Laguna Hills, Calif. Bountiful also has leased Orem-based Deveren Farley’s popular reclaimed metal dragon, “Dad,” as well as “Wet Your Whistle, Craning to Hear,” a 3D environmental statement created by Salt Lake City’s Dana Kuglin.

“Having new display opportunities is a wonderful thing for our artists,” said Outgoing AACF Chair Rhondalon Crawford. “Art Around the Corner is excited to partner with other cities to help them launch similar public art efforts. In turn, the residents of those cities will benefit from exposure to inspiring artwork created by some of the country’s most talented professionals.”

The artists whose works will be installed in St. George will be honored at an evening social, March 31 at 6 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn. For information, go to

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