It wasn't that long ago that my nephew Marcus got hit by lightning while taking a walk with his wife. It was big news in Utah and Marcus had a tale to tell his future grandchildren.

Now, his brother has his own once-in-a-lifetime story to tell.

Jonny Griffin was cruising along on the Bangerter Highway in the Salt Lake Valley last night, headed to a nice dinner with his wife and kids on Valentine's Day evening.

I'll let him describe what happened next:

"Shortly after getting on Bangerter at 12600 S. I heard an interesting noise and Demas saw a shadow. Next thing we know there was a bit of a bang and a small plane landed right in front of us, just missing us and the car to the left of us. It somehow fit in between as that car sped ahead. I quickly slowed down and the speed of the plane created some distance. We then followed behind it until it tried pulling off the highway around the 10600S exit."

Video of the shocking incident was shot by Jonny's wife, Demas.


"It's a miracle that no one was hurt and that somehow the plane didn't land on top of us or the car next to us," Jonny Griffin said.

Jonny said he never expected to see an airplane on Bangerter Highway.

"Yeah, it was quite a shock."

He said he had left work a little bit early so his family could beat the Valentine's Day crowds to a new Korean Restaurant they had recently discovered.

The good news is that Jonny and his family got their nice dinner and no one was hurt on the ground or in the plane.

For more on the plane emergency landing, see our news partner's (ABC4) story here.


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