The moment I exited the womb of my kind and gracious mother, I’ve had a love for anything Involving a proscenium, thrust, or theater in the round. That’s not a joke...well it sort of is. My first role in community theater was playing baby Jesus as a 6-month-old infant for a nativity.  

That love for community theater has stuck around for my whole life, so I feel it is my duty, nay—it’s my calling to inform the fine folks of southern Utah about the happenings surrounding everything community theater in the area. 

So, let's get right into it. What can you expect to find during the month of June in Southern Utah? 

St. George Musical Theater: The Pirates of Penzance 

SGMT resides at the St. George Opera House and is currently in the middle of the classic opera, The Pirates of Penzance. Fun fact, this is my favorite opera. Another fun fact, The Pirates of Penzance is the only opera I’ve ever seen.  

Don’t let that stop you from going to see this absolute classic. It’s arguably the most accessible opera out there. So much so, it’s often debated as to whether this should just count as musical theater, rather than an opera.  

If you want to see The Pirates of Penzance at SGMT, you’ll need to act fast, as the show will close production June 17. 

The Stage Door: The Wizard of Oz 

The Stage Door is based at the Electric Theater, right across the street from the St. George Tabernacle. The Stage Door is known for bringing more contemporary theater to Southern Utah, but they’re not afraid to take on some of the classics. Case and point, The Wizard of Oz. 

Is there anything that needs to be said about the Wizard of Oz? As a film, it’s hands down one of the most iconic out there. As a play, it’s a faithful and entertaining adaptation of the classic film. Is that a good thing? Well, that’s up to the eye of the beholder.  

I have a friend who can’t take the film seriously thanks entirely to the way Dorothy talks. So If I ever want to make him crack a smile, I put on the ol’ Dorothy/Jimmy Stewart type cadence. Works every time. 

The Wizard of Oz at The Stage Door opens June 29 and will continue until July 8. 

If you want to know what’s happening in community theater for St. George, be sure to stay tuned for next month's issue of Community Theater Watch! 


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