The City of St. George will host a groundbreaking ceremony for the new headquarters of the St. George Fire Department.  

The new Fire Station 1 will be across the street from the Dixie Sun Bowl at 85 South 400 East, with construction to be completed in 2025. 

Photo Credit: City of St. George
Photo Credit: City of St. George

David Cordero, the director of communications for the City of St. George, said this new station has been a long time coming for the firefighters of St. George. 

Cordero said, “Our current station 1 is located on 1,000 East, just North of Utah Tech University, and that’s been station 1 for a while. It’s a little older, a little bit out of date, and so this new headquarters will I think double or triple the size to accommodate our growing city.” 

Cordero said how the St. George Fire Department needed to grow to match the rapid growth rate of Southern Utah. This is shown through the number of full-time firefighters on staff.  

According to Cordero, volunteer firefighters were a key factor during the early days of the fire department, but things have changed over the past decade. 

Cordero said, “It wasn’t that long ago that our fire department was mostly a volunteer force. It’s been really recent, you know, in the past 15 years that we’ve added more full-time firefighters as opposed to volunteers. We still depend on volunteer firefighters to a degree, but this is going to be a really cool thing.” 

Cordero also said the new location will be more advantageous to the fire department since it’s closer to the main downtown area of St. George. 

Update: February 7

Due to high amounts of rain throughout the Southern Utah region, the City of St. George has delayed the groundbreaking ceremony to February 12 at 2 p.m. at the construction site located at 85 South 400 East.

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