The 2020 Dixie Regional Transportation Expo presents an opportunity for residents to gain understanding on projects involving roads, transit, traffic lights and bike trail developments — along with an opportunity to ride inside a cutting-edge Autonomous Shuttle Pilot vehicle.

Admission is free at the one-day Transportation Expo, set for Feb. 11 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Dixie Convention Center. Autonomous-vehicle rides are expected to begin at noon.

Planners and community leaders will discuss projects involving State Route 9, a future Southern Parkway connection, Hurricane City’s newly adopted Transportation Masterplan, SunTran’s new routes and the St. George Regional Airport Masterplan.

The Utah Department of Transportation, in partnership with the Utah Transit Authority, recently launched the Autonomous Shuttle Pilot, an electric vehicle with a capacity of 12 passengers.

The shuttle, which follows a predetermined route, is equipped with a full range of sensors to react in real-time to other vehicles, pedestrians and any other obstacles. A shuttle host is on board to monitor operations.

The Autonomous Shuttle Pilot is deployed through April of this year and is traveling to different communities throughout Utah.

The shuttle provides the public with the opportunity to experience and better understand autonomous vehicle technology and provide feedback on the future of transportation in Utah.

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