Let me paint you a picture. You’re decompressing after a long day of work by infinitely scrolling through your Facebook feed, and you come across a unique looking video.

The video is of a “chef” demonstrating a special way to cook a single egg yolk. He said it’s perfect for impressing house guests and that you’ll be the talk of the party.

The video continues and the “chef” proceeds to place the yolk on a bed a unlit matches pointing upwards. This clearly qualified culinary professional lights a match and says to keep an eye on the yolk.

Right before he lights the bed of matches, he pulls away and reiterates the same thing. His lit match runs out of kindle, and he has to light another one. He proceeds to approach the yolk on the bed of matches once again with a lit match in hand, and then he pulls back and reiterates the scenario.

By this point, you may realize that the video still has about eight minutes left, but you HAVE to see this “chef” cook that egg yolk in such an unorthodox manner.

Six minutes later and who knows how many burnt matches later, the man finally lights the bed of matches, and an inferno proceeds to cook the egg. “YES” I hear you cheer, “It’s finally happening!”

Sadly, it’s not over. About two minutes later, the fraud of a culinary artist dumps a black piece of egg covered in burnt bits of match debris.

You’ve been had. It’s a scam, a ruse, you’ve been bamboozled. Now why would this culinary school dropout make such a time waster? It doesn’t matter what the scenario is, you just watched about ten minutes of a video that accomplished absolutely nothing.

These scam creators create these videos to squeeze as much watch time as they can out of you, and they get paid depending on how much of the video you watched.

If you’re curious about this agonizing trend, all you need to do is go to the video tab on Facebook and scroll endlessly until you reach a bonkers scenario. Cooking an egg weird, surprising a loved one on a place by hiding in the baggage compartment, a life changing way to change a tire, it never stops.

Be smart, and if you think your time is being wasted, then scroll through the time of the video to find out if that egg gets cooked. You know what I mean.


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Gallery Credit: Mary K


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