There are still unclaimed cemetery plots in St. George City.

For those that don't know, a cemetery plot costs money. You can expect to pay roughly $1,000 for the right to be buried (that's for residents, more for non-residents), or have a loved one buried in a city cemetery.

St. George City's main cemetery, along Tabernacle at about 650 East, has a rich history.

From the SGCity website: "The St. George Cemetery has been serving Washington County for 162 years. The first person to be buried there was in 1862. The older/pioneer graves are located at the 600 E and Tabernacle side near the old Sexton’s shack. The graves east of 700 E are burials that started in the early 1980s and continue to
this day."

Unfortunately, quite a few people have paid for burial plots, but never used them -- 388 to be exact. We're not talking about recent purchases, but lots that have been unused for more than six decades.

The St. George City Council passed a resolution recently that addressed cemetery lots that appear to be abandoned. These lots have been unused for more than 60 years.

Meanwhile, city officials remind folks that the cemetery is still hallowed ground.

Some cemetery rules:

  • No active recreational activities are permitted such as soccer, baseball, and football.
  • No animals are allowed on Cemetery property.
  • No motor vehicle shall travel off clearly designated roadways in the Cemetery for any reason without the consent of the Sexton.
  • The sod of a cemetery may not be disturbed without prior approval of the Sexton.
  • Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult.
  • It is unlawful to be present in the Cemetery during nighttime hours.
  • Temporary memorials will be removed without notice when they become unsightly or pose a safety hazard.
  • No signs or advertisements.
  • No soliciting, sales or pan-handling.
  • No firearms or other weapons.

The city also operates the Tonaquint Cemetery and the St. George Cremation Garden (1777 S. Dixie Drive).

The St George Cremation Garden offers an alternative to traditional burial. The Cremation Garden is a carefully landscaped garden reserved for the cremains of loved ones, and offers a beautiful place for remembrance.

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